Vampires from Outer Space

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Remixes are a great way to demonstrate creativity and play around with things that already exist. Here are three examples:

The author of this remix used half-second clips from the Star Wars films against a background of the instrumental of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson.  The clips provided the lyrics and the instrumental was the melody for the song.  The author took advantage of ‘fair use’ by using only very short clips from Star Wars and the video itself doesn’t earn them any money nor does it take any away from the companies owning the copyrights to Star Wars and “Call Me Maybe.”  This one was also particularly close to home because I’ve only recently seen Star Wars for the first time!

This remix takes film footage and audio clips from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Twilight movie series, and Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.  Fortunately for this author, Robert Pattinson played a vampire in one movie and played a character whose body disappears upon death in another movie, both things that complemented Buffy’s role, which is to kill vampires.  This was different from what the author of the Call Me Maybe Star Wars video did in that this person did not (very much, anyway) layer audio from one over video from another.  Instead, they used short clips that included audio from each one and played them back to each other to make it appear that it was all from the same movie or television show.  Again, they played along with fair use rules and only used short clips to create something new — not change what already existed and use it to their own benefit.  Also, thank goodness someone finally killed Edward.

Finally there was this:  a remix of Monty Python and Star Trek.  This was my favorite because both Monty Python and Star Trek are hilarious and ridiculous.  Star Trek has some really strange scenarios in which characters do role-playing of various things throughout human history on Earth, so you have the fleet crew fighting on pirate ships or on desert islands.  The author of this remix used this to their advantage and used the audio from Monty Python about Camelot to send the fleet there instead of to wherever they were going in the show.  The dancing and choreography in the short segments of Star Trek clips were lined up with the song from Monty Python to create the video.  In all I was a big fan of this one.

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