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Moving Sketches

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Artemis had been teaching scholars at Mercury for decades, passing on his wise words and knowledge that he had gained over time down to his pupils. He loved working in the West Wing Library and helping his students find specific scrolls and documents in which to feed their hunger for knowledge.

The very first time Artemis met the Fandom Princess, she was flipping through a huge red book that had sketches on the yellowing pages. The rate in which she was flipping through them, however, was odd to Artemis, and he trotted over to her as she sat in the middle of the library, the rippling of the pages slightly annoying the other students in the room.

“Young Princess,” he said. “What on earth are you doing?”

The Princess looked up at him wildly and grinned. “Look here! If you flip the pages really fast, then the pictures almost look like their moving! Like they’re telling some sort of story! It’s quite fascinating,” she replied, going back to flipping through the book.

The wise centaur peered over the Princess’ shoulder and watched in interest as the drawings in the book did indeed move as the Princess flipped through them, telling a bigger story in which he could ever imagine. He knew instantly that the Princess was destined to be something great. 

I have really been enjoying this week as far as Daily Creates go! The picture assignments were definitely a lot of fun and I had the chance to use the techniques that we’ve been learning about to do them. So below are my three daily creates for the week and my reasoning for choosing the subjects that I did!

1: Take a photo of someone other than you using your favorite type of technology

Barack and Friends

This was such a great Daily Create! So, I walked into work one morning (at 8 am, UGH) and the security guards at the front desk had spent some time making these little figurines. It was all TOO perfect because they used Star Wars characters (Darth Vadar, Stormtrooper, and CP3O). The icing on the cake was the Barack Obama little figurine (link to him, in the odd chance you don’t know who the President is… not judging if you don’t…) I felt very much like it was Barack and his friends. The technology that I love to use is computers, and they were using the computer monitor to showcase their alliance to the world. Job well done, in my opinion.

2: Take a picture of something brand new. Like shiny.

Bought and Paid For

For this DC, I took a picture of my new Dooney and Burke (c)Disney purse that I bought (after slaving hours away at Walt Disney World) as a gift to myself! It’s still so wonderful and shiny even though I’ve used it like, 5 times. Dooney and Burke is pretty much a huge deal as far as fashion accessories go, so even though this cost me a pretty penny, it was worth every cent! This bag is SO me. I love Disney with a passion, so the fact that when I wear it everyone knows how obsessed I am with it is just fine with me. Plus, I got a great design! Goofy’s hat is on the front! Ah! He’s my favorite. =]

3: Take a picture of your greatest success or triumph. Make it creative and artistic!

Goofy Approves

Speaking of Goofy, for the third Daily Create, in which we had to take a picture of our greatest success or triumph, I decided to use the certificate that I got at the graduation of my Disney College Program! It was a wonderful moment, and I even got my picture taken with Mickey and Minnieand Goofy and Pluto! It was a very magical day, and the certificate will always be something that I can keep to remind me of all the memories I had there and all the hard work I put in to make it to that point!

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