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A Week’s Portrait

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Week 5 is passing, and thus ends another week of Daily Creates.


The task: Take a photo of someone other than you using your favorite type of technology

I went for creepy.

She doesn't like photos

I thought of a lot of things that I like in current technology. I could have gone simple, maybe the phone, or lightbulb, or something. I remembered, though, that when I was in middle school, I would bring 15 CDs on the bus so I could listen to my portable CD player. When MP3 players came about, though, I was so excited. Having thousands of songs at any time?! Whaaat?

So I asked my roommate if I could take a photo of her using her mp3 player (an iPod). She said she usually listens to it while sleeping, so I thought, why not creep a bit and make it look like I took it while she was sleeping?


The task: Take a picture of something brand new. Like shiny.

Oh dear. New? Shiny? I hardly ever have anything new except on Christmas and my birthday. I didn’t want to do food or something “daily” either.

I thought maybe I had a Xbox game that I hadn’t opened yet. Then I found this beauty.

20-part way into my heart

I got this for Christmas and haven’t had a chance to open it yet, so I figured this would be perfect for this daily create. If you know me, you know that I have a passion for the Civil War… and history!


The task: Take a picture of something, cut it up and piece it back together in a different way.

I went pretty abstract with this one.

Randolph Reinterpretation

I had tried to select pieces of the photo in Photoshop and then create a “puzzle”-like picture on another image through copy and paste. Didn’t work out so well.

After selecting those pieces, I started deleting them with the “Delete” button. Then randomly, they showed up on other places on the photo.


The task: Take a picture of your greatest success or triumph. Make it creative and artistic!

Easy. My thesis. If I had my B.A. I would have taken a photo of that, so I found the next best thing.

Since the prompt asked for it, I went a little more creative. I didn’t just want to take a photo of the title page! So I thought flipping through it would be a cooler effect. And I think it worked.

Triumphed Thesis



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