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  1. Ms. Parker

    It’s all over! Oh noooo

    Digital Storytelling Way back in Week 3 of DS106, I wrote about what I thought was digital storytelling in a post titled “This is Meta-hard.” While most of what I said is rather hum-drum, “yea I know that”–one quote stands out: I think that’s what digital storytelling is. I don’t have to know the show ...
  2. Ms. Parker

    Alice, Interrupted

    When she was a child, she had followed a little white rabbit wearing a small, colorful coat into his hole and found herself in a world called Wonderland. She had told her family and friends these fanciful dreams for years. But now she was 23, and these imaginary worlds were no longer sitting right with ...
  3. Ms. Parker

    Part Four: Escaping

    Part One | Part Two | Part Three For part four of my final project, I chose to forgo the assignments in the assignment bank again. I wanted to make the final part of my story as mysterious as possible. I thought a security camera catching her leaving with a strange man would be intriguing… I am ...
  4. Ms. Parker

    Part Three: Plotting

    Part One | Part Two For part three of my assignment, I didn’t pick a specific assignment. I wanted to create the letter that Alice is sent while she is in the psychiatric hospital. I went onto Deviant Art and found a stock image of notebook paper.   I figured it would be crumpled, ripped out of ...
  5. Ms. Parker

    Part Two: Finding — ??? x 5?

    Part One The second assignment that I chose for my final project was drawn from the Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From? web assignment. I wanted the white rabbit to be travelling and following people in order to find the right Alice. So, to create this part of the story, I went to Google and searched ...
  6. Ms. Parker

    Part One: Searching – ?????

    This is my first assignment for my final project! To begin Alice’s journey, I created a webpage under the assignment Storytelling Within the Web. Using X-Ray Goggles from Hackasaurus, I edited the html of a random post that I found in the subreddit r/AskReddit. Below is a screen capture of what the page looked ...
  7. Ms. Parker

    R3M1X 4 N00B5

    Ugh. These past two weeks have been rough. I understand what remixing is and how to do it, but I really struggled with having to define it and having to do things that I think are just… normal. Isn’t this what we’ve been doing all semester? Remixing pop culture, other people’s photos, other people’s ideas ...
  8. Ms. Parker


    For Remix week, I looked at a few references on what remixing is. Below is a video of me trying to explain it to my roommate! I also looked at a few examples of remixes. Buffy vs. Edward The first example I looked at was the Buffy vs. Edward remix. Holy cow. Yeaaa. I’ll try ...
  9. Ms. Parker

    FTW: FTR

    The most challenging assignment of the week: For the Remix! I don’t like physical/3D art. Let me just put that out there. I don’t get it. My roommate is in a Studio Art course, and I don’t get anything she does. So, that was off the table. I downloaded the photos from the wordpress site and ...
  10. Ms. Parker

    Pinteresting Character

    I got this idea from Alan’s example for our final projects. I couldn’t find an assignment for it… so I made my own! The task: Build a Pinterest page of at least 20 pins for a character of your choice. Search for pins that relate to your character and things that he or she would ...
  11. Ms. Parker

    10-Step Challenge

    For one of the assignments that I submitted for the assignment bank was the 10-Step Photo Challenge. I saw this on a site once and thought it was a great idea for an assignment. The task:  Take ten steps in any direction and with each step take one photo. Think about angles and lighting to ...
  12. Ms. Parker

    Popcorn Tutoring

    Tutorial using Popcorn Maker 1. Find your media! I used the DS106 media bin. I looked around for a few minutes and tried to connect pieces. If you’re limited in your media, like I was, I would try looking for the sounds/video clips first since those will usually be the most scarce. I found two sound ...
  13. Ms. Parker

    Trailer Mashup Tutorial

    This tutorial is for the Movie Trailer Mashup assignment. You can see my blog post about my work here. This is the video that I made using the same steps you can read about below. Tutorial for Windows Movie Maker 1. Find your trailers! I would suggest finding “opposites.” So if you want to work ...
  14. Ms. Parker

    Evil Twilight – ????

    Another assignment that just… spoke to me: Movie Trailer Mashup. Take your favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the original trailer. For example, if you have a funny movie trailer, give it the sound of a terrifying movie; or vice versa. It took me ...
  15. Ms. Parker

    Poor Leo – ????

    Leonardo DiCaprio has been in over 20 hugely successful films, and yet he has no Oscar to show for it. I figured the best way to show my love for his work and to do my assignments was to work on the Actor Transformation mashup. He’s an amazing actor, and through this video, you can ...
  16. Ms. Parker

    Yo’ Momma was a Troll

    The remix generator created the Troll Quotes: Yo’ Mama assignment. The moment I saw this one, I knew I had to do it. I had an idea in my mind, and I had hoped someone had done something similar to it in the submitted examples, but sadly no. What I immediately thought of was to ...
  17. Ms. Parker

    That’s why we have signs.

    My next assignment this week was to recycle some old media from DS106. We had to use five different pieces of media and two different kinds (image, audio, or video). I chose six photos and two sound clips. I didn’t want to include text, so I hope the story comes across anyways. I used pictures ...
  18. Ms. Parker

    I used to like popcorn…

    This week, I had to remix a video using Mozilla Popcorn Maker. This is the video I was working with. This was not my favorite assignment… I hated the interface for the editor. There are no clear directions on how to use it at all. The drag and place function stinks because it just doesn’t ...
  19. Ms. Parker

    Alice’s Adventures in an Asylum

    I have been going through all the characters I can think. I’ve been trying to think of stories and challenges I can create for them that would not only lend themselves well to assignments but also be interesting for me to create. I’ve finally decided on Alice in Wonderland. I want to continue her story ...
  20. Ms. Parker

    Video WINNING

    In for the home stretch! I was so disappointed with my work these two weeks. Not because of time management, but because I came into these two weeks hoping I could pull out better work from myself in general. I felt like a lot of the assignments I had gone into these two weeks looking ...
  21. Ms. Parker

    Playing Foley

    Okay. I’m gonna admit something. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. This assignment was absolutely hilarious! Hearing people’s sounds was awesome. People were incredibly creative and surprised me! Here’s my rendition: Here are the sound clips I chose to use: It took me only a few minutes to find the song I ...
  22. Ms. Parker

    Get going. Learn. Graduate. — ???1/2

    My final assignment this week was the One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds from the assignment bank. I loved this assignment, mostly because I’m a huge fan of inspirational teacher movies–so choosing my archetype was easy! And I swear it was exactly 5 seconds in Premiere Pro!! Proof: I used clips from Freedom Writers (2007), ...
  23. Ms. Parker

    Darn Tootin’ — ???

    My next assignment was Thumps Up for Ebert from the assignment bank. Usually, I don’t do assignments like this one, but it seemed interesting. I wasn’t exactly sure where I would go with my tribute to Roger Ebert who passed away recently, so I started by browsing around on his site. I found this page about ...
  24. Ms. Parker

    Django: Silently Unchained — ?????

    The next assignment I chose for the 2 weeks of video was the Return to the Silent Era assignment from the assignment bank. I started the pre-production for this assignment a couple of weeks ago, so it wasn’t hard to put all the pieces together in the two weeks we had. I chose Django: Unchained because ...
  25. Ms. Parker

    There is no middle ground. — ????1/2

    As I posted in a previous blog post about Pre-Production, I decided to do the Music Video assignment from the assignment bank. I was a little overly ambitious on this one. I wanted to complete the entire song, “Seven Devils” by Florence + the Machine, but I found that I didn’t have the clips I ...
  26. Ms. Parker

    Finding the Foundation

    It’s the first of the video weeks! I’ve seriously just been waiting for these weeks. I LOVE working with video. I would also LOVE to learn more about it! Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a professional or even a skilled video editor. I do, however, have a lot of experience with it. I’ve been using Sony Vegas Pro for ...
  27. Ms. Parker


    March 28th The task: Take a photo of an unexpected object found in the earth (think secret treasure) Okay, this was once found in the earth! My roommate is a Geology major, and has this geode. It’s gorgeous! For me, the non-Geology major, it is definitely an “unexpected object”/”secret treasure.” Took this photo in her ...
  28. Ms. Parker

    Pre-Production for Week 11

    Return to the Silent Era For my first assignment, I want to do the Return to the Silent Era assignment. I’m still not 100 percent this will work the way I want it to, but I would like to use Django: Unchained for this assignment. I liked this trailer the most. To make this video ...
  29. Ms. Parker

    Exploring The Dark Knight

    I did a bit more research on The Dark Knight (2008), the source of the clip in the previous post. Here are some interesting facts about the production of The Dark Knight from IMDb: The rough voice Christian Bale is known for now was not actually the voice that he had originally used in filming. ...
  30. Ms. Parker

    Generating Genres

    This week, I had to find an example video of YouTube genres located on Google Doc that previous students have created. I didn’t really understand a few of the genres listed on the Google Doc, especially “Inappropriate for Church, but only Church.” The video which was posted for it is inappropriate in general–not just “for church.” ...

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