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In for the home stretch!

I was so disappointed with my work these two weeks. Not because of time management, but because I came into these two weeks hoping I could pull out better work from myself in general.

I felt like a lot of the assignments I had gone into these two weeks looking forward to were not worth the few stars they gave. I really wanted to do the Lyric Video Snippet assignment, but the amount of work I was doing was far beyond what some of even the 5-star assignments had me do or would have me do. It took me an hour just to do the introduction to the band name and song name in After Effects. AHH!

My Work

The first link is the link to the actual assignment description; the second link is the link to my blog post about how I made it! There are 16 stars without the Foley Artist assignment… I think that’s how we were supposed to do it? If not, oh well! At least I got some experience in things I’m not incredibly experienced in!

All Done!

I’m surprised at how little of an arc you need to create a story. The Ebert “story” I made was very limited, but I still think it tells a story about who he was–even if it’s a small part of him. Same with the One Archetype assignment. I’m not really creating a story (as per the description), but I am showing a character that is found so often in movies: the inspirational teacher who beats the odds and changes things. I’m also stunned by how much I can put into a video to make a story–i.e. There is no middle ground. Holy moley did I fit a lot in there. I’m curious if it makes sense to other people–cause to me I know all the storylines in Game of Thrones.

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