1. Ms. Parker

    Look & Listen


    This week, I picked a movie scene and analyzed it’s video editing techniques.

    I picked Batman interrogating the Joker from The Dark Knight (2008).

    Without Sound

    Without sound, the first scene where the lights turn on and Batman appears becomes very slow and not as startling as I …

  2. Ms. Parker

    Web Work

    Week 9

    So this describes my week completely.

    Hopefully after I turn in my documentary on the memory of the Civil War at Hollywood Cemetery on Tuesday, things will get better.

    But you didn’t come here to complain about being a student.

    Fab Five Radio Show

    Okay. I just have …

  3. Ms. Parker

    A Sketch of Audio: Take 2

    These two (really three) weeks were CRAZY!

    I learned a lot about Taylor Swift that I didn’t really need to know and that I should really read instructions.

    I willingly restored my computer on Saturday because I just wanted a fresh start before I started working on my video project …

  4. Ms. Parker

    Holy Foley


    The most terrifying assignment of these two weeks was the Foley one.

    I’m one of those people that needs a million takes to do anything. “Live” just isn’t easy for me.

    So the assignment was to make the sounds for a Charlie Chaplin movie.

    I am born in February, so …

  5. Ms. Parker



    After listening to track after track of Taylor Swift’s instrumentals for the Fab Five radio show, I figured the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” one would go well with a commercial.

    It was acoustic guitar, so that got me thinking about maybe an acoustic guitar lesson commercial.

    I …

  6. Ms. Parker

    Bumpin Bumper


    For the group radio show assignment, I had to create a bumper to include in the radio show.

    I used Audition for this assignment. I kind of went off of what I did for my last DS106 radio bumper.

    I used the opening to “Titanium” by David Guetta feat. Sia …

  7. Ms. Parker

    Guess the Songs — ??


    When I’m driving, I can’t look down at my iPod to see what song is playing to determine if I want to keep listening to it (at least not safely). So, I’m a pro at figuring out songs before even a second of the song plays.

    That’s why I took …

  8. Ms. Parker

    A long week


    We worked with design this week.

    Safari Trip

    I had planned on going to the mall to complete this, but I don’t have any money for gas right now, so I figured my apartment would be good enough–and more challenging, too.

    I took a lot of pictures thinking they …

  9. Ms. Parker



    This week, I only got three daily creates done.


    The task: Take a photo of someone that is nice and cozy in a blanket.

    She is always under her warm blanket. If someone is in the living room, they are using this blanket.

    Warm and cozy for sure!…

  10. Ms. Parker

    A Death Notebook — ???


    This was the quickest assignment I have ever done, but it was still some fun.

    The assignment was to take a title of a well-known book and re-design the cover to suggest something entirely different.

    I looked at the best-selling books on Amazon to get an idea. Then I figured, …

  11. Ms. Parker

    Zero Crash Burn — ????


    I started this assignment with high expectations. I was going to make a movie poster into something animated.

    Making a poster even more epic? Definitely going to be good.

    I researched some posters of movies that came out this year on IMdB.

    After browsing around for awhile, I picked …

  12. Ms. Parker

    A Week’s Portrait


    Week 5 is passing, and thus ends another week of Daily Creates.


    The task: Take a photo of someone other than you using your favorite type of technology

    I went for creepy.

    I thought of a lot of things that I like in current technology. I could …

  13. Ms. Parker

    Turning Tricks and Tips into Method


    I’ve been aiming to improve my photography skills all week. I have had my camera on me at all times (and a heavy supply of batteries…). By Saturday, I was taking photos at Hollywood Cemetery and started being a bit more picky.

    I originally wanted hundreds of photos of the …

  14. Ms. Parker

    The Best of the Bunch


    The Best of the Bunch, a set on Flickr.

    I didn’t realize it when I was making my first Flickr set, but all of these photos are from campus. Like I’ve said in earlier posts, I am feeling rather clingy to my experiences here at UMW. Even though I’ll …

  15. Ms. Parker

    Triple Troll Link – ??


    When I saw this one, I just knew I had to do it. As a Redditor, it’s something I often see.

    The assignment: Find an image of a well-known figure, add to it a famous quote by someone related in some way to the figure in the image and…
  16. Ms. Parker

    Photo Insanity

    or, as I like to call it, “Stop looking at me weird. This is for a class.

    As a senior, I’m already feeling a bit nostalgic about my time at Mary Washington. I’ve been planning on walking around and taking pictures for my scrapbook. So for this assignment, I …

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