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A long week

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We worked with design this week.

Safari Trip

I had planned on going to the mall to complete this, but I don’t have any money for gas right now, so I figured my apartment would be good enough–and more challenging, too.

I took a lot of pictures thinking they would be for something else, but then after really looking at them and comparing them to the definitions that we were given, I started to change my mind about a number of them.

Check out my photos here on this blog post and how they relate to different concepts of design.

Design x 15

PHEW! This week was challenging. It took me awhile to figure out which assignments I wanted to do.

These are the assignments I finally decided on:

One Story/Four Icons  – ?? — And they lived happily ever after..

Wait, Where’d that Guy Come From? – ??? – When You See It

Alternative Book Covers – ??? – A Death Notebook

Minimalist TV/Movie Poster — ???1/2 – Anyone can be killed

Then the notorious assignment: Animated Movie Posters — ???? –  Zero Crash Burn


I also did three daily creates this week.

You can check them out here.

I did not go all design on them, though, because I couldn’t really think of many of them like that. Hopefully I will start to incorporate more the week’s challenge into the daily creates.

Fab Five

Also got together with my group this week and we decided on an awesome theme. Hopefully we can convince CogDog that we’re going to make it interesting.

Brittany wrote this up for us with our logos. You can check out her post here. 

Final thoughts

It’s crazy to think sometimes that all this design and aesthetic was around us. I was really surprised during the design blitz how much I noticed after reading the descriptions.

I unfortunately didn’t have as much time this week as I normally would commit to this class. It was my birthday so things were quite crazy in getting prepared and enjoying my 23rd birthday on the 23rd.

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