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Week 5

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All photos were taken in my house

Single Color:

Single color purple

This is a tapestry of Ganesh, one of the main gods in Hindu. ¬†I got this about four years ago when I was over in India. ¬†I’m not gonna lie and say that it has some real deep meaning behind it, I just like how it looks. ¬†In the end, a perfect example for a “photo dominated by a single color.”

Unusual Angle:

Unusual angle

I just find it rare to see a trash can at such a high angle, definitely don’t see that everyday. ¬†Unless you have a dog, which we do, so our trash can is constantly up high, so maybe not that unusual to me actually.

Human Emotion:

Human emotion

Ghostface Killah’s smile always makes me laugh when I see it. ¬†Human emotion at its finest.

Someone else’s hand/paw:


Two things that don’t belong together:

Don't belong together

These last two pictures were actually taken together, sort of. ¬†I got our dog to sit still next to a beer bottle, while trying to take a picture of his paw, and when I got that first picture, I backed up a little to try and capture both for the “two things that don’t belong together” but he immediately started prancing around so my finishing result was not exactly what I wanted. ¬†I guess it’s a little harder to take a picture of a non-cooperating living thing. ¬†And yes, I know what most people are thinking, “Who says a beer and dog don’t belong together, they’re man’s best friend?” and my response to that is, “He’s underage.”

Daily Create:

Something Brand New

Brand new daily create

Actually, just wrote my acrostic poem last week about these shoes (Sperry’s). ¬†I think they’re the most recent new thing I bought, not exactly shiny as the assignment somewhat suggests, but I’m not really one for shiny things either.

A Place You’ve Been, But Never Want To Go Back To


My best attempt at drawing a dorm room. ¬†I have several problems with living in a dorm room: A) not having my own room, B) I’m 6’3, these beds are not conducive to my height, C) two people can barely be walking around at the same time. ¬†I’m good on dorm rooms.

Greatest triumph

Easy answer, greatest triumph is raising this dog.  Been a little over one year now, he just needs to learn how to sit still for a picture.

Pimp my Flickr:

Not too much to do here, at the beginning of the class when we had to set up accounts for all our social media sites, I had already customized my Flickr URL to read¬†, so that got crossed off my to do list for this week. ¬†Similarly with titles, I had already been giving them titles, perhaps not the most creative or exciting, but they certainly get the point across of what the picture is of. ¬†Although some for the daily creates simply say “Daily Create.”

Now for the “Best of” part of the assignment, I only have 14 photos to begin with, so I tried to be a little picky, especially since only 5 don’t have to deal with this class. ¬†So, I chose a few photos that displayed good memories, specifically happy ones from the past. ¬†Two dealing with India, and one of a smiling Ghostface, always good stuff.

Visual Assignments:

Common Everyday Object

Common everyday object

This is our remote for the living room, where I spend the most of my time cause I don’t have a TV in my room. ¬†However, I chose it to be black and white since we forgot to pay our cable bill, so I feel like we’re living in the old black and white days.

Optical Illusion

Optical illusion

A “tall glass of water” was taken in my living room, with a stool placed about ten feet behind it. ¬†The example of the Washington Monument shrunk down was much more creative, but I was just trying to use an everyday object.

Buddy Photo

Buddy photo

This is a wooden figurine of Ganesh, and he’s just about to help me fix my door with the help of these tools. ¬†It’s the only “buddy” I have around my house, and although I don’t like transporting him due to the fact that he’s fairly fragile, I just keep him around the house to lend a helping hand anytime I need it.

Art Comes to Life

Art comes to life

For this one, I chose a more recent portrait of the former president George Dubya. ¬†Unfortunately only few can really master his facial expressions. ¬†I just searched for “portraits of famous people” and decided to switch it up from the more known ones (Mona Lisa, Frida Kahlo, etc…) so I came across Bush.

Weekly Summary

So, as I’ve maybe hinted at before, I’m not a particularly huge photographer. ¬†However, with my first smartphone, I’ve been easily introduced to uploading pics via Flickr. ¬†So with that being said, the whole process of taking a photo and uploading has been simplified 100%. ¬†Of the “ten ways to improve my craft,” ¬†I found that getting pickier was probably the most useful tip I came across. ¬†One of the reasons I’d say I’m not a good photographer, bordering on bad, is cause I oftentimes take a picture just in order to be done with it; however, this tip allowed for me to take my time and relax, rather than rush through the process.

Although I’m starting to get more comfortable with the process of taking pics/uploading them, I’m still trying to improve my visual storytelling, but it seems like practice and repetition is the best way to go about it.

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