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Week In Review | Always Looking

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I wish I could chalk these late posts up to me just being a slacker, but alas no.  I’ve been busy, AND I’ve been procrastinating.

Yes, I admit it.  I am a procrastinator sometimes.

But seriously I have been looking.

This week was all about visual storytelling.  Chock full of adventures for my eyes!


The first part of the week was spent figuring out which radio group to join.  Any group would have been great, but I decided to go with the group who is now known as…….. Digital Dynamite!

I’m excited to work with these ladies!  Oh, they are my new comment group too!

Check ‘em out: Amber, Bellekid, Watkins, and ChaChaChelsea

I’ve already gotten some good feedback, a LOT of twitter interaction, and nice support in general.  I can’t wait to make a show with these gals.


I looked at and read about tips for making great photos.

I enjoyed thinking about suggestions and general fundamentals while I was doing this assignment.  It  made me open my eyes, remember the basics, and take a deep breath while believing in my ability as a storyteller.I also added a little blurb to the #ds106 How We Are Becoming Better Photographers google doc.

Just look for this stone cold fox and you will know you have arrived at my addition.

lens portrait

It’s exciting to be making work and sharing it with other folks.  I hope our guide helps someone else in the near future!


Photoblitz = FUN

I really enjoyed the 20 minute photoblitz.

It was fun to just take pictures of STUFF.

I decided to take my pictures and collage them together in Photoshop.  That way they can tell a little mini-story in each captured moment block.

photoblitz part two

I also liked looking at SOOOO many other different approaches to this assignment.  While I think most folks took the ideas at face value, some were more unconventional and those made the assignment even more fun.

a photo that represents a metaphor for complexity


Picture dominated by one color


While we are talking flickr…I pimped it out a bit. HA.  Not really, but a do have a personalized url, and made a best of setCheck ‘em out!


I chose all photo daily creates this week in the spirit of Visual Assignments!

Each of my daily creates this week are hum-drum-every-day-items.  Eggs.  An e-mail.  Some gel caps.


That’s what makes them interesting.  Looking at these objects in a new way, closer inspection, and with a different perspective really give me a jumping off point for other new ideas.

What else can be done with eggs?  Maybe I could make my own tempera paint and create something ELSE with that?

The e-mail?  This is the beginning of a very exciting time for me.  A digital note opened the door to the next step in my future!

The Gel caps?  A project that makes me laugh really.  My husband’s genius plan…for something.  No he isn’t a drug dealer or a pharmacist, he is just an idea man.


I eeked out 10 points in the Visual Assignment category this week.  It’s on Y’all!

Steve Loves Hamburgers **

Troll Quotes **

A Valentines Day Card I NEVER Want to Receive **

Color Splashed, Kinda **

Games I Never Play ***


This week flew by.  Flew by like a jet.  A really big jet.  A really big FAST jet.

I’m working on it, but somehow time is slipping away from me. <—That, in combination with a teeeeny bit of procrastination makes Jenn a stressed girl.

I really like the assignments, and need to plan a little better.  I’m pretty sure I could be doing more, or just doing what I am doing better.  All I can do is do better tomorrow.

This week was looking at photos.  Looking at others, looking at myself.

While I was at a grad school interview I had to give a portfolio presentation.  I had  prepared myself for an audience of one, max two.  Well, there were like 27 people, a huge room, and the biggest projector screen I have ever stood next to.  I had to think, and think fast.  How could I make this Power Point of a portfolio appeal to everyone?

I thought about this class.

Really, I did.

What could I come up with that would tie all of my work together without sounding cheesy, without sounding contrived?

A story, but not just any story.  A story of how my body of work represented me, my thoughts, my actions, and my future.

p.s.  It was as one interviewer told me– “stunning”.



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