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  1. Girl Without A Net

    Week In Review | Would I Do It Again?

        Heck yes I would. This semester was a great test in creativity, time management, and listening to myself.  Am I exhausted?  Yes.  Did I fail in some aspects? Yes.  Did I succeed in others? Resoundingly, YES. I learned so many things I probably wouldn’t have ever tried on my own.  I was stretched ...
  2. Girl Without A Net

    My 2 Cents Worth

    Dear ds106 Universe, It’s over. I’m done. BUT!  You have not heard the last from me. The over arching theme of this semester in ds106 is “Holy Crap, how am I going to finish all of this!” No, really.  I worked every minute I had available for this class and still managed to get my ...
  3. Girl Without A Net

    Enough Will Never Be Enough

    Nine and a half years ago I was adopted by an adorable, loving yet sometimes aloof puppy, Harper, Mr. Friendly, Harper-Harper-Bo-Barper, my Handsome Boy.  Yesterday he died.  With him, a piece of my heart and soul feel like they died too. When I walked into the home of the family that had been fostering Harper, ...
  4. Girl Without A Net

    FINAL Web Story Part 3 | Listening to the Love

    I wanted to do something with audio because I REALLY enjoyed (most) of this section.  Plus who doesn’t like a simple sound story? I know I do.   I think this is totally effective in describing meeting the new pup for the first time, and the joy they shared! ———————– Sounds from Freesound Rain: ...
  5. Girl Without A Net

    Week In Review | It’s All Mashed-Up

    These two weeks have been interesting. Not necessarily my favorite, but I made the best of it, and tweaked assignments and ideas to my liking.  Hey, at least I made it out alive. Re-mix makes me think of techno, house music, and an old Club DJ boyfriend I had a hundred and 37 years ago.  ...
  6. Girl Without A Net

    Tutorial | Cartoon You

    I decided to make a easy tutorial to turn any photo into a cartoon, or comic style image. I used Photoshop CS6, but I’m pretty sure the steps are similar in most recent pS editions. 1.  Open an image File>Open>choose the image 2.  Convert it to Black and White Image>Adjustments>Black and White>make any customizations you ...
  7. Girl Without A Net

    Mash Up Assignments | 4 Stars | Time Warp

    The Assignment: Okay so we all watch actors change roles and character. It’s crazy to see what they were like in the beginning of their career compared to now. Find a actor or actress and use film clips to show a metamorphosis.   ——————           —————— Images gleaned from around the ...
  8. Girl Without A Net

    Seuss It UP! With a Twist

    Adapt an artist’s work [remixed]: Dr Suess It   How adorable is this little guy? ——————— Because only one other person had completed this assignment and they used American Gothic (rad) I was excited…then I saw something Twilight. ENOUGH OF TWILIGHT  already world! It turned me off to using any part of the originally remixed ...
  9. Girl Without A Net

    Recycled Media

    Using discarded media, I made this little nugget. It is the story of a simple, fun day in the sun, shared between two people.     I enjoyed this exercise.  What is the saying?  “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
  10. Girl Without A Net

    I Really Used to Love Popcorn

    But Mozilla Popcorn, doesn’t taste anything like I remember.   Popcorn is supposed to be light, fluffy and easy to eat.  This was heavy, clunky, and hard to digest.    It isn’t awful, just didn’t make the process any fun.  The end result is -eh. at best.  
  11. Girl Without A Net

    Time to Getcha Mind Blown

    This is my submission for the “Post-Photographic Portrait” assignment. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Doctorow’s books are a mix of science fiction, fantasy and ethical dilemmas. Using one of the photos from the fortheremix site ,  some simple text, and a brush for Photoshop I made a clean ...
  12. Girl Without A Net

    Build a Turtle Fence | Remix

    Re-  To do over again Mix- To combine ingredients Okay, so that’s not Webster or anything, it’s just a general description of the two words. URBAN Dictionary defines remix as: 1. remix A song which is a modified or new version of an original.I prefer the old song to the new remix. 2. remix Shit ...
  13. Girl Without A Net

    Final Project Thinking

    Two ideas for my final story — a little something like this: ————————– I really enjoyed working on the audio story that involved the diary entries—->  I Found Your Diary I have been reading through many many entries and have been trying to weave one story from many different entries (each by different authors). I ...
  14. Girl Without A Net

    Week in Review | Video-licious

    Sadly, this will be the lamest update ever.  Due to circumstances beyond my control ( or any one’s really) I am not in a place with access to my files so that they can be fine tuned and uploaded.  I wasn’t able to bring my desk top with me, and don’t have everything needed on ...
  15. Girl Without A Net

    Shortest Brunch Ever | 5 Stars

      I Love This the end. ———————- ———————– Okay, a bit more.  I did this based on the assignment 30 Second Documentary Now, to get all official the original assignment had 4 and a half stars.  What is that?  The way I see it, if i do a sub par job I could give myself ...
  16. Girl Without A Net

    Week In Review | In Preparation of Video

    Let’s just start at the beginning.  What tools do I even have for video? iPhone.  I think that will basically be what I use to shoot anything. Sound recorder.  I can use this for any foley (HA!) sounds I might make on my own. Windows Movie Maker.  Seems useless unless it’s just a slide show. ...
  17. Girl Without A Net

    Daily Creates | Week of 25 March

    Draw a picture of the best present you ever gave or received. A little watercolor and graphite action for this daily create.   In the spirit of that…I searched out this –> circa 21 January 2013 Take a photo of the ONE thing you MUST see, do, eat, hear, etc. everyday! My Stone Cold Fox ...
  18. Girl Without A Net

    Morning Routine? | Part 2

    Dexter-deeper. Dexter kinda falls into a few genre categories.  I can see it fitting well into (in order of importance) Crime Fiction   Drama–”serious, plot-driven presentations, portraying realistic characters, settings, life situations, and stories involving intense character development and interaction” (via)   Suspense– “known to promote intense excitement, suspense, a high level of anticipation, ultra-heightened ...
  19. Girl Without A Net

    Pre-Production Thoughts and Ideas

    The assignment: …identify two video assignments that appear interesting to you, and just do the set up work that will enable you to complete the assignments next week. DO not start editing, just identify and assemble the media you think you will need. the two assignments that look the most interesting to me are Return ...
  20. Girl Without A Net

    Youtube Genre Action

    Youtube, like any movie, TV Program, book, or story in general is full of Genres.  Classic ones like thriller, drama, and comedy abound, but there are some less recognized genres… Here are some of the genres DS106′ers of the past have come up with: Parodies Everyday life as art Everyday life as a musical Musicians ...
  21. Girl Without A Net

    Morning Routine? | Part 1

    The assignment: …analyze the clip by watching it three times in different ways…Write up a blog post that includes the embedded clip, and the notes you made in the three views of the scene… The Clip:  (My clip came from this list on youtube:  #33 I LOVE Dexter. Michael C. Hall couldn’t be more ...
  22. Girl Without A Net

    Week in Review | The Web We Weave

    Once again, this week was chock full of things I had never done before. Heck I didn’t even know some of it COULD be done! But I wasn’t scared, I was looking forward to a fresh week of challenging, fun assignments.  It all came together nicely. ——————————- Storytelling Within the Web Ok, who thought of  ...
  23. Girl Without A Net

    Tutorial | Clipping Mask Action

    Using clipping masks are easy, making them is easy too once  you know how! I’m going to show you how to make and use a clipping mask with text and shapes in eight easy steps. It is super simple.  Soon you will be clip masking everything. This tutorial is made for folks using Photoshop CS6 ...

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