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Dear ds106 Universe,

It’s over.

I’m done.

BUT!  You have not heard the last from me.

The over arching theme of this semester in ds106 is

“Holy Crap, how am I going to finish all of this!”

No, really.  I worked every minute I had available for this class and still managed to get my work in JUST UNDER THE GUN.  One assignment shortly after the gun, and part of 2 assignments nowhere near the gun… in fact — they are still looking for the gun.

I’m gonna say this and I mean it with all my heart.  I worked my ass off in this class.  This is BY FAR one of the most creatively intense classes I have ever taken.  It’s just a whole different level of class.

Take-away from the semester:

rules of impossible copy



Comfort zone?  Throw that out the window.

Go-to ideas?  Flush ‘em.

Procrastination?  HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Excuses? Don’t even try it, plus you are just doing yourself a disservice.


Things you should bring to this ds106 world…

YOUR best!  Notice I said YOUR!!  Use every creative nerve in your body.

Time Management!  Procrastination is not your friend.  You will learn this early if you do not heed this advice.

YOUR best!

An Open Mind!  You can do this.  It will be uncomfortable.  You can do this.





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