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Let Us Move On & Step Out

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This week was the dawn of a new era: Video editing.  Well, sort of..I learned the basics of video editing, such as the tools to use, and then I attempted to create a montage.  I’ve already used MPEG Streamclip a lot this semester, so to my great relief, I found out that this is a program which is used a lot in video editing. Knowing how to use it really helped this week.

To get accustomed with movies and various filming techniques, I reviewed a scene from Anchorman, 3 different ways.  I then found out more information on the film and made a (very poor) montage of 2 different scenes from Anchorman.  I classified the movie as a comedy, but YouTube has many other genres for its compilation of clips. I analyzed the genres of YouTube and talked about how I felt about the categories that people had created.

In the coming week, I’ll be completing 2 video assignments from the ds106 assignment bank.  This week, I chose the 2 assignments I wanted to do and prepared for them.  I chose the sports mash-up assignment because I really enjoy watching epic sports moments.  They’re a great pump-up tool and motivator.  Earlier this year, I watched an old ds106 student’s audio redub and knew I wanted to do that at some point, so this was my chance!  I think I’ll definitely need to apply my knowledge of MPEG Streamclip, as well as Audacity to complete these 2 assignments.  I found it very difficult to keep myself from completing the assignments when I started prepping for them, so hopefully that means I’ll really enjoy the manual labour part and the products I create!

Finally, I completed 2 daily creates this week:

1. Tell a joke that someone else told you…(I realized later, after telling it someone, that it’s not actually that funny and kinda doesn’t make sense haha)

2. Take photo of an unexpected object found in the earth



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