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  1. Lara Hampson

    Goodbye DS106

    Storytelling At the beginning of this semester, I talked about what I thought storytelling was.  I used to think that it was just oral storytelling, like when my dad would tell me stories as a kid.  When I think about ...
  2. Lara Hampson

    New Daily Creates!

    This semester, I contributed two daily creates that have yet to be used.  I submitted them and I hope they get chosen!  The two options I did included a photography one and a written one.  I made sure to keep ...
  3. Lara Hampson

    The Rise of Curious George****

    For the last ds106 assignment ever, I did a mashup assignment called Movie Trailer Mashup.  To go with the theme of my final project (Curious George), I mashed up Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Curious George. Using YouTube, I ...
  4. Lara Hampson

    Monkey Makeover**

    In order for those lovely lady monkeys to look b.e.a.yoo-tee-ful for George, they underwent a makeover via the visual assignment, Make Up Your Pet. Using Picasa, I opened the photos in Creative Kit and used the decorate tool to add ...
  5. Lara Hampson

    Georgeā€™s New Look**

    This quick and easy visual assignment, Switch Up the Mood, allowed me to spruce up Curious George’s profile picture for his dating site. I used Picasa to edit the photo and take from this: To this: Since it’s a cartoon ...
  6. Lara Hampson

    Monkey Business***

    I created a Music Mashup (found in the audio assignment database) of two different songs that were related to monkeys.  Related to my final project and Curious George, these songs are something he’d be interested in! Immediately, the theme song from ...
  7. Lara Hampson

    Georgeā€™s Dating Profile*****

    George’s new dating adventure began by creating his online profile.  I used the web assignment, Storytelling within the Web, to edit an existing dating profile. I tried to edit Match profiles for about an hour, but they wouldn’t let me see anyone’s profile ...
  8. Lara Hampson

    Nearing the Endā€¦

    The past two weeks included so much to do on remixing and mashing.  First of all, what is a remix?   I watched some videos and examples of remixes to get a better understanding. Then, in my blog post,  I ...
  9. Lara Hampson


    So, it’s the end of the semester, and Alan wanted to go on vacation!  We were supposed to use Mozilla Popcorn Maker to to add 8 things to remix his already created video. An unusual image or video on the ...
  10. Lara Hampson

    Dead Men Tell No Tales

    Jonathan Worth shared a collection of portrait photos he did of Cory Doctorow that we must use to remix, regenerate, and make our own. I chose to base my remix on one of his book’s, Pirate Cinema.  The plot is ...
  11. Lara Hampson

    Give Me the Green Light**

    To finish my 6 stars of mashup assignments, I completed the assignment, What Color is Your World? The point was to choose a colour to photograph throughout the day. I chose green, because it’s literally EVERYWHERE I turn. Instead of ...
  12. Lara Hampson

    What is Reality?****

    To complete the 6 stars worth of mashup assignments from the ds106 assignment bank, I started with an assignment called Movie Trailer Mashup, worth 4 stars.  I saw someone do this when my ds106 adventure first started, so I’m glad I ...
  13. Lara Hampson

    What is a ReReRemix?

    To begin the two weeks of remixing and mashing, we had to review two references and three examples of what a remix is.  I wanted a clearer understanding of what a remix was, and I wanted to know if other ...
  14. Lara Hampson

    [BRAND] New Assignments

    This semester, we had to create and complete two brand new assignments, whether they be visual, web, video, etc. I created and completed one visual assignment called Song Lyric Photo. I also created and completed one design assignment called Crown ...
  15. Lara Hampson

    TuTu Tutorials

    This semester, we had to complete two tutorials for assignments from the ds106 assignment bank. Luckily, I followed past ds106 student’s advice and did my tutorials during the semester. Tutorials: My first tutorial was my post, Colourize It, where I ...
  16. Lara Hampson

    The Big Caption [Remixed]

    The remix generator created a brand new assignment for me to do:  The Big Caption [Remixed].  I had to use someone’s existing media (i.e. a product that someone created based on the old assignment) and remix it by adding Waldo to the ...
  17. Lara Hampson

    Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE

    A few weeks ago, we had to give up our recycled media to be added to a large class file found here and this week, we had to complete the assignment, Recycle the Media.  Using the old media, I created a ...
  18. Lara Hampson


    For the last two weeks, we had 16 stars worth of video assignments to complete from the ds106 assignment bank. To do this, I did 5 assignments: Then & Now (3 stars) Stripes Everywhere (3 stars) Catnip…A Crisis (5 stars) ...
  19. Lara Hampson

    Chores Chores Chores****

    For my last video assignment, I created a 30 Second Documentary on something that I’m bad at doing.  I’m not sure why this assignment was rated 4.91 stars, because it literally took me 5 minutes to do, but it was ...
  20. Lara Hampson

    A True Act of Folly

    A couple of weeks ago, I made a foley clip for part of Charlie Chaplin‘s silent film, the Lion’s Cage.  Once everyone had made their own clips, we had to assemble them all into one smooth foley story. I downloaded ...
  21. Lara Hampson

    Cheesy Sports Montage***

    The video assignment called Sports Mashup, which called to create a video mix of a bunch of great moments in sports history, was a lot of fun and got me pumped up to go out and do something!  This assignment ...
  22. Lara Hampson

    Catnipā€¦A Crisis. *****

    Ok, so I thought the first 2 video assignments I did were pretty fun..But this one was absolutely hilarious and I loved filming it.  The assignment, Public Service Announcement, called to make a PSA on a something we really wanted ...
  23. Lara Hampson

    Stripes Everywhere***

    As soon as I read this title, I knew I wanted to do this assignment.  Inanimate Motion calls to create a movie story of an inanimate object.  Being at college, I didn’t have too many toys to choose from, BUT, I ...
  24. Lara Hampson

    Then & Now***

    This assignment, called Where Are They Now??, called to create a video of movie character’s updated lives.  I chose Harry Potter, because there were so many character’s to update and it was a favourite movie of mine when I was ...
  25. Lara Hampson

    Let Us Move On & Step Out

    This week was the dawn of a new era: Video editing.  Well, sort of..I learned the basics of video editing, such as the tools to use, and then I attempted to create a montage.  I’ve already used MPEG Streamclip a lot ...
  26. Lara Hampson

    Exploring a Great Movie Scene

    To find more information on Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, I searched Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  I found a page with extended details on the film, including production, reception, and release information.  Did you know that Anchorman, which was ...
  27. Lara Hampson

    Video Prep

    The two video assignments I chose to prepare for are Redub the audio and Sports Mashup. To prepare for the 1st video assignment, redub the audio, I first chose a movie scene I wanted to put my own audio over.  I ...

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