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Catnip…A Crisis. *****

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Ok, so I thought the first 2 video assignments I did were pretty fun..But this one was absolutely hilarious and I loved filming it.  The assignment, Public Service Announcement, called to make a PSA on a something we really wanted to make people aware of, or just a goofy, silly topic.  Of course, I chose the goofy topic.

Since my roommates have cats, it didn’t take long to come up with the idea of catnip abuse.  I started by writing out everything I was going to say, and then I filmed the cats doing those things.  Using Audacity, I recorded myself and uploaded Sarah McLachlan‘s song “Angel” to play in the background.  That song is so overused in commercials, so I thought it would be funny to put it with something that’s not serious.  I used Windows Movie Maker to organize the clips of the cats and then uploaded the audio from Audacity to play in the video.  Finally, I uploaded the end video to YouTube! Enjoy!

11/16 stars.


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