Adventures with Ghost: Skating on Ice

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One chilly winter day, the Fandom Princess decided to take her sweet Ghost out to the lake to chase winter bunnies. She put on a pair of special earmuffs given to her by the elves, and placed a scarf around Ghost’s neck, a gift also from the elves.

Snow fell in hurried flurries all around the castle, and as the exited the castle, the snow came well up past the Princess’ ankles. She made a face and noted to go to town to buy better snow shoes later.

Ghost, however, was happy to be outside. He pranced around the snow, jumping and running around, barking happily. He set eyes on a winter bunny, a small frost blue bunny with silver eyes, and barked. He began to chase it as it hopped fast towards the lake.

Ghost was hot on its tail, but suddenly, the bunny veered to the left, and Ghost, unable to stop at the momentum he was going, skidded right on top of the frozen lake. The Princess laughed as she watched her dear dog slide across the thick ice surface of the lake.

“That’s what you get, my dear Ghost,” she yelled as she walked closer to the lake and kneeled down next to the edge. “Next time, you’d do well to not chase winter bunnies so quickly.”

Ghost barked at her and he slowly, and comically, began trying to figure out how to slide back to the Princess.

Something else that we had to do this week was remix a video of our lovely professor who really wanted to go on a vacation! We got to pick the place, the jams, everything! And yet, we had to do it in a slightly complicated way by adding all these elements to a video that he had already broken down for us. Now, this new tool was done through a thing called Popcorn.

Never have I disliked an application so much. Seriously. This thing kicked me in the wazoo for the first three hours that I spent trying to figure it out. And don’t ask me why I didn’t just give up and try to do it through another form of video editing. I really wanted to conquer this thing, let it know that I am NOT one to be defeated.

So I worked on this assignment for a total of three days off and on. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to get media images to overlap. I was fiddling around with some of the icons on the layers and finally was able to maneuver it to show up in a different layer. Really cool concept when you think about it. It was also slightly disappointing when I couldn’t find the Beach Boys version of Kokomo on Soundcloud, just badly remixed ones (ha, remixed). So I settled for Good Vibrations. Great song. Finally, the finished product can be found here, where I send our professor a very warm, lovely island getaway. It was the best I could do. But it was nice because I did conquer this thing and I did, in the end, get the hang of it… well, at least a little.

I hope that you all enjoy the video!

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