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During her Poetry writing class, the Fandom Princess was asked to stand and recite her haiku. Unfortunately, for the Princess, she had forgotten that there was an assignment that was due. Still, she knew that she had to recite something, even though she was unsure what this haiku thing her instructor was talking about was.

As she stood, she held her head high, however, and stated:

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I love you.

She cringed as the instructor crossed her arms across her chest and gave her a stern look.

Poor Fandom Princess. Not on her A game that day, apparently. Lucky for the rest of you, I am on my A game and here to add yet another piece to the Final Project puzzle. This assignment is inspired by Your Big Break, a design assignment where you get to design the cover of your album. I tweaked this a bit and decided to make it the cover of an album to be given to someone else. Confusing, yes, but I promise it’ll make sense at the end!

For this assignment, I put a lot of thought into the design. The character that the cover is based on liked the colors of purple and light green together, so I started there first. Using PowerPoint and clip art, I created a simple green background and then two different flower clip arts to put in two of the corners. From there, I used my handy dandy Pixlr to edit them. First, I cropped them to make the covers (because I did front and back) a little more square.

Next, I changed the layout and added a border. I added an overlay effect that made the bottom a nice hue of pink and some faint princessy pattern in the background. Lastly was deciding on the certain font. I ended up using two, one for a more personal touch and another to represent handwriting. The finished products are below. Hope you all enjoy! You’ll see what these covers are supposed to be to later, but maybe you can figure it out a little now. If you really can’t wait that is.

Front Album Cover

Tiana's Recipe Album

Back Album Cover

Tiana's Recipe Album

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