What Goes “Bump” In the Night

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The Fandom Princess was awoken one night by a loud thumping noise. Grumpy because she was having a dream about being able to eat as much cake as she wanted without consequence, she looked around her room. It was dark, except for the light coming from the moon and her small cradle of moon light in her bowl in the corner. Ghost still slept soundly beside her.

She shrugged and was about to lie back down when she heard the bump again. This time, she was slightly alarmed. She stood, picked up her nearest heel, and walked around her bed to the rest of her chambers. In the living room, she hesitated before summoning the light to come on.

When she did, she was shocked to see a small garden pixie trapped under a fallen mason jar. She lowered the heel and immediately knelt down to remove the jar. The garden pixie smiled and placed a small kiss of gratitude to the Princess’ cheek. As the pixie flew out of the window back outside to the garden, the Princess yawned and returned back to her cozy bed. 

At last! The last piece of the puzzle before I get to the full story of what has happened with our mystery character, or well, probably not a mystery anymore.

This assignment was inspired by my own audio assignment titled So and So’s Greatest Hits. The original goal of the assignment was to pick one artist, take songs that you consider their greatest hits, and put them together in a nice mash-up. It doesn’t have to be an expert one, but it’s also to see what everyone considers greatest hits. Or popular songs. I tweaked my own assignment just a bit. I  still made a mash-up, but it is with romance songs created by someone to play at the wedding and they mean something to the mystery person.

I used Audacity and tried my best to make the fading between each song smooth, as well as match the song with the same tempo… ish. I don’t know how well it worked, but I thought it was a pretty nice mix. Quite sweet in the messages of the songs I chose, which were:

Keith Urban – “Sweet Thing” and “I Wanna Love Somebody”
The Script – “I’m Yours”
Prince – “Diamonds and Pearls”
Steve Perry – “Strung Up”

I ran into a bit of copyright issues, however, when I uploaded it to Soundcloud (guess my mix wasn’t original enough?) So instead I did a mash-up sort of deal, or gypsy tricked this, and I put a picture of the mystery girl that the mix was made for in Windows Media Player, added the sound that I made in Audacity, and uploaded it to YouTube. Here’s the finished product!

Stay turned to see how it played into the story!

3 Princess Stars!

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