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GMU Final Project Specs

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Now is your chance to put the storytelling and media skills you have practiced over the last 7 weeks to work. Each week you have been asked to describe something in the world that would be better understood via a story approach. You can now pick any of those ideas (or a new one) to develop as an idea.

Note that you are not asked to re-design the thing itself, but to create a story structure that might be used to pitch it as a idea or that would better help promote a better understanding of the topic. Think of this as way of making a case for the way in which the thing you identified could theoretically be better designed, created, presented for improved understanding. Or a future scenario where this has happened, and your story represents a way in which a character has success with the newly designed concept.

Your final project must be published as a standalone WordPress Page on your site, that uses text, links, and media in a complete story spine structure. It should be fully understandable on its own and the story should serve the purpose of making it better understood than as currently found or as a justification for taking on said re-design.

Your story project should include at a minimum:

  • A catchy and relevant title
  • A central character who experiences an interaction with or an embodiment of the thing you are hoping to improve.
  • A recognizable (but not overtly labeled) story spine structure.
  • At least one each embedded media at key parts of the spine
    • original visual/design element (e.g. a poster promoting/advertising the thing, a conceptualization of how it might appear in the world differently, a diagram of a process)
    • an audio element that introduces or helps identify the character or a key moment in the story, or a promotional radio commercial, interview that supports the shape of the story
    • a video element that might again be promotional, an introduction to the character, or representing an important phase of the story, or its resolution

The final is a single narrative that weaves the story together with text and media.

Your final blog post for this class should include a link to your project and a discussion of at least 5 paragraphs that include the background information for your idea, a reflection on how your project fits the story spine, and media references, and details of how you produced it.

The final project must be published to your blog by Monday May 12 at 11:59PM EST; there is no allowance for late submissions. This project is worth 20% of your final grade and is based on how well you are able to explain and present your ideas as a story, how you document the development, and how well the media supports the story.


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