1. cogdog

    GMU Week 8: One Final Story

    Your mission, very possible. Your Final Project Your Final Project cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by gak You can find all the details for the final project written up as a specification. To re-iterate Now is your chance...
  2. cogdog

    GMU Final Project Specs

    creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by TempusVolat Now is your chance to put the storytelling and media skills you have practiced over the last 7...
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    GMU Weeks 6&7: Telling Stories in Video

    Here is the topic most students find both the most challenging and/or rewarding portion of ds106: video. It presents challenges with file formats, creating more complex narratives, and working with more complicated software. But it is also one of the most engaging forms of media — hence the current...
  4. cogdog

    GMU Week 5: It Sounds Like a Story

    You have worked on creating stories through images exploring the methods of photography and the way visual design works. This week, we jump media to look at telling stories in audio, which we first observed in week 2. This week, you get to make stories with just...
  5. cogdog

    GMU Week 4: It’s All By Design

    We’ve wrapped up our week on visual storytelling and continue looking at the visual form of media, but now with a perspective on visual design. It’s not always clear where the line is between design and visual, but ds106 design storytelling assignments generally involve more creating and modifying in...
  6. cogdog

    GMU Week 3: Visual Storytelling; What Can We Tell in Photos?

    Photo by Jennifer, UMW ds106 student, Spring 2013 There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.Ansel Adams The photo and quote above is from a previous ds106 student’s perspective on photography. For this week of DS106 Goes to Work, you will practice telling stories in...
  7. cogdog

    GMU Week 2: Listening to and Looking Closely at Audio and Video

    Before you start making media, it’s worth practicing how “read” audio and video content, to get better at understanding the subtleties of great audio/video stories that are often so well integrated that we do not even notice them. This week we will introduce concepts of layering in media, and...
  8. cogdog

    GMU Week 1: What is Story?


    Once upon a time not so long ago… or this week, there is a new course in digital storytelling. You are now in it.

    As a guide to these weekly assignments posts, they are meant to provide everything you need to do for this unit, especially important for registered students. …

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    GMU EDIT 572 General Syllabus

    Note: This is a generalized version of the official course syllabus for the two sections of a class being taught Spring 2014. It is posted here as reference, and a guide for open participants who may wish to follow along. The general entry points for this course are the ...
  10. cogdog

    DS106 Introduction for GMU Students and Open Participants

    Welcome to the world of digital storytelling. For students in the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) Program at George Mason University (GMU), this is going to likely be a very different experience from the rest of your programs. Very different. If you feel dis-oriented, then you are right...
  11. cogdog

    DS106 and Storytelling Go to Work

    based on public domain CC0 pixabay image by geralt How do the elements of storytelling factor the communications and practices of business and industry? This is the place where weekly assignments will be created for an online class I am teaching for the George Mason University Instructional Design and...

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