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Text + Movment = More Meaning?

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What did Descartes say again? “I am therefore I think?”, no that’s not right. That’s how I like to think though. I am here so I think! It’s probably my favorite pass time. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time than thinking about hard problems. Right now for me its the most rewarding thing possible. However does my ability to think really imply that I exist? I am inclined to think not… However these to idea are intrinsically linked. The statements imply two different things. Let’s recall our first order propositional logic shall we? Let P=\text{I think} and Q=\text{I am}. Then we have that P \implies Q or Q \implies P. Now the converse of P \implies Q) \text{is} \(\neg Q \implies \neg P, which would be read as “I am not therefore I do not think”. While the converse of Q \implies P is of course \neg P \implies \neg Q, which is read as “I do not think, therefore I am not”. Now this second statement is not true, because there are plenty of people who do not think, and certainly do exist (at least we perceive them to exist, also this that was a joke). Now what happens if we take both statements to be true P \implies Q and Q \implies P. Then we have a bidirectional statement, namely P \Leftrightarrow Q. Which can be read as “I think therefore I am therefore I think”, or “I am therefore I think therefore I am”. Does this cause a problem?


Text + Movment = More Meaning? This assignment seems to think so… It asks for one to create a gif that expresses to contradictory ideas. What I ended up doing was constructing the reverse of a statement (not necessarily the same this a a contradiction, but close enough in my book).

As for the creation of this GIF, I used Flash. I typed out each word in a separate layer and then setup a motion tween which switched to two words. I used 40 frames, as to make it go a little smoother, and then also set it to run at 40 frames per second, thus it only runs for a second.

I chose the font, because I thought it had a nice playful feel to it. I chose the color of the background for the same reason (I felt as if It gave the post a kind of cartoony feel.

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