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  1. chris_lloyd

    Week 5 Reflection

    Wow. I can’t believe DS106 is over. This was the last week, and it went by so fast. Breaks my heart really. I am going to treat this post more as a reflection for the whole of DS106, rather than simply a week 5 reflection, because I feel as if we really didn’t do much... Read more »
  2. chris_lloyd

    Sticky Note Animation Tutorial

    This is a tutorial for an assignment I created here. The idea is to use sticky notes to construct an animation! Let’s get started! First you need a writing utensil and sticky notes: Next, it’s time to start drawing! I recommend writing the frame number on the note somewhere, so they can’t get out of... Read more »
  3. chris_lloyd

    My second assignment!

    I created my second assignment today! It was a flash back to my childhood… I used to love making animations, I used to do it in tons of different ways, however one of my favorites was using sticky notes. It is just so easy to do it that way!! Here is my simple attempt at... Read more »
  4. chris_lloyd

    Topological Crisis

    How would you feel if for hundreds of years you were told that you were one thing, but now everyone is telling you that you are no different than a whole bunch of other things. Things that don’t even look like you! However I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at he beginning. Meet Mr.... Read more »
  5. chris_lloyd

    Week Four Reflection

    This week in DS106 was a very fun week! I spent a lot more time on the individual assignments than I had done in prior weeks, however I suppose that this is to be expected as the medium is itself more challenging. Overall I think I did a pretty good job of completing all of... Read more »
  6. chris_lloyd

    A Pulp Fiction Poster

    What do the lives of Jewels, Vincent, and Bruce all have in common? They (sort of) worked for Marcellus Wallace. In the movie Pulp Fiction, there lives were twisted together in a very unforgettable way, perhaps even one of them doesn’t survive. The lines were blurry throughout that movie, the scenes weren’t put into the... Read more »
  7. chris_lloyd

    An assignment of my very own!

    Today I created my very own assignment for the first time! And I must say it felt great! I really hope other DS106ers in the future will do my assignment and have fun with it! The idea behind my assignment is simple, watch one of those optical illusion videos that make everything look like its... Read more »
  8. chris_lloyd

    Stars in the Dope Show

    “Never snort heroin”, that was a really hard lesson Mia Wallace learned in Pulp Fiction. Heroin is not cocaine it does not go up your nose, it should not go near your nose, it shouldn’t have anything to do with anyone anyway, but that’s besides the point. On that fateful night Vincent Vega: Had orders... Read more »
  9. chris_lloyd

    Hey Kid!

    Four years ago now I was sixteen! Crazy! During that time my biggest hobby was programming, I used to do that all the time. Those were the good old days… not really. Looking back I wish I knew a lot of things, that I know now, but there is really one thing in particular! If... Read more »
  10. chris_lloyd


    Man oh man! I love the smell of Non-Euclidean geometry in the morning. Last semester I did a directed study in Differential Geometry, it was a lot of fun! The worst best part of the whole course was dealing with the Non-Euclidean surfaces, namely the Poincaré upper half plane. I remember having to prove that... Read more »
  11. chris_lloyd

    Film Techniques

    First I must say I have watched an ungodly amount of movies.. All throughout high school I would sit down with my family and we would watch a movie every night. It was a lot of fun, although there wasn’t too much critiquing going on. It was not what Ebert would call “democracy in the... Read more »
  12. chris_lloyd

    Your friend 2015…

    What happened to Oxford? He used to be such a cool dude. Just the other day I went over his house to visit him, and he wouldn’t stop going on and on, and using these words that I have never even heard before. To be honest I am not even sure if they are words,... Read more »
  13. chris_lloyd

    Week 3 Reflection

    This week in DS106 was what I would call a great week! I had fun with every single assignment, and I think I completed all of them pretty well. Again I would have liked to have participated with other students more, I posted comments on other blogs, however no one commented back on my blog... Read more »
  14. chris_lloyd

    Sharknado IV

    Don’t you hate in when you go to the beach with your family, and everyone gets bit by a shark. Yeah me too. I remember a day when this didn’t happen, it wasn’t even that long ago, maybe it was even yesterday… Now everyone knows climate change is bad, but how bad? Shark bad. If... Read more »
  15. chris_lloyd

    1 2 Many

    Tonight was the night, he was finally going to ask for her hand in marriage. Well things didn’t work out, he head over to her place a little earlier than she thought. He heard laughing, and then he heard glasses clinking. She had been unfaithful. One drink, two drink, three drink. O-one drink, Hey bartender,... Read more »
  16. chris_lloyd

    Three missed calls…

    I get home same time everyday. No one calls me, never. And why would they? Wouldn’t make much sense if they did. Don’t see the reason they would anyhow. Well tonight was different. My apartment was lit up by an unfamiliar red blinking. Could it be? No it can’t. I felt the body chill run... Read more »
  17. chris_lloyd

    A death poem…

    We are all born, and then we all die. Is it fair? Probably not. How morbid. Put that book down, and do your math homework. No, I like English. Well if you want to go to college you have to do well in all your subjects, you know that. I know, I know. What’s the... Read more »
  18. chris_lloyd

    Das Dopplegänger ist nicht gut.

    I very much enjoyed the Dopplegänger radio story, and I found myself especially enjoying the way it was told! The program opened with a guest who could do imitations of Ira. I found it very confusing, because I am not very familiar with Ira so to me they did sound very much alike. In this... Read more »
  19. chris_lloyd

    Ira Glass is Jad Abumrad is Radio

    Wow! I really did find the content in their talks compelling. The thing that struck me the most was Ira’s bit on “Good taste” and how it discourages. I had read that quote many times before, however I never knew it was from Ira or what medium it was talking about (even though it certainly... Read more »
  20. chris_lloyd

    The Five Elements of the Face

    “Circle, Square, Triangle, Line, and Dot. That’s what they tell you at least, however you don’t need dots, you can just use a short line instead. So we are left with Circle, Square, Triangle, and Line…. We have to minimize to improve the synthesis process. We can’t add infinite detail to every clone we make..”... Read more »
  21. chris_lloyd

    Ink Everywhere

    As a fountain pen enthusiast I have a love hate relationship with ink. However mostly I love it: Look how pretty that ink is!! Ps check out Goulet Pens, they are seriously the best! And they are located out of Ashland so shipping is fast. Anyway I love ink, especially in fountain pens. With a... Read more »
  22. chris_lloyd

    Week 2 – Reflection

    I think that I met and exceeded all of the requirements for this weeks assignments. Although it wasn’t without a ton of work! Not to say that the work wasn’t rewarding, because it certainly was. Looking back at my assignments for the week I think the thing I need the most work on is creating... Read more »
  23. chris_lloyd

    Watch me man

    I have never been a fan of comics. I can’t say that I have ever read a single one. There was only really one that ever piqued my interest and it was Watchmen. There was something very poignant about the bleeding smiley face on the cover. Having never read the comic or seen the movies,... Read more »
  24. chris_lloyd

    Four Napkins..

    Fourth of July seems to be rained out I thought to myself as I left my grandparents house today. What I shame! I had been swimming in the pool and having a grand old time, that is until the thunder started. My grandmother was carefully drawing something on a Napkin. She would put it away... Read more »
  25. chris_lloyd

    Design Blitz!

    “Rhythm” What better to capture the concept of Rhythm than a brick wall? In my opinion it encapsulates the concept in multiple levels. First the pattern of the bricks themselves repeating over and over, this is the main way in which it captures the idea. The next is the variation in color, they vary to... Read more »

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