1. chris_lloyd

    My Final Project – How I made it..


    This story begins with how I came up with the story for my story. I was walking to the library to return two books. One was on Knot theory, and the other was on basic point set topology. I was thinking about how everyone always talks about how weird …

  2. chris_lloyd

    Week 5 Reflection


    Wow. I can’t believe DS106 is over. This was the last week, and it went by so fast. Breaks my heart really. I am going to treat this post more as a reflection for the whole of DS106, rather than simply a week 5 reflection, because I feel as if …

  3. chris_lloyd

    Sticky Note Animation Tutorial


    This is a tutorial for an assignment I created here. The idea is to use sticky notes to construct an animation! Let’s get started!

    First you need a writing utensil and sticky notes:

    Next, it’s time to start drawing! I recommend writing the frame number on the note somewhere, …

  4. chris_lloyd

    My second assignment!


    I created my second assignment today! It was a flash back to my childhood… I used to love making animations, I used to do it in tons of different ways, however one of my favorites was using sticky notes. It is just so easy to do it that way!! Here …

  5. chris_lloyd

    Topological Crisis


    How would you feel if for hundreds of years you were told that you were one thing, but now everyone is telling you that you are no different than a whole bunch of other things. Things that don’t even look like you! However I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start …

  6. chris_lloyd

    Week Four Reflection


    This week in DS106 was a very fun week! I spent a lot more time on the individual assignments than I had done in prior weeks, however I suppose that this is to be expected as the medium is itself more challenging. Overall I think I did a pretty good …

  7. chris_lloyd

    A Pulp Fiction Poster


    What do the lives of Jewels, Vincent, and Bruce all have in common? They (sort of) worked for Marcellus Wallace. In the movie Pulp Fiction, there lives were twisted together in a very unforgettable way, perhaps even one of them doesn’t survive. The lines were blurry throughout that movie, the …

  8. chris_lloyd

    An assignment of my very own!


    Today I created my very own assignment for the first time! And I must say it felt great! I really hope other DS106ers in the future will do my assignment and have fun with it!

    The idea behind my assignment is simple, watch one of those optical illusion videos that …

  9. chris_lloyd

    Stars in the Dope Show


    “Never snort heroin”, that was a really hard lesson Mia Wallace learned in Pulp Fiction. Heroin is not cocaine it does not go up your nose, it should not go near your nose, it shouldn’t have anything to do with anyone anyway, but that’s besides the point.

    On that fateful …

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