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This week’s assignments were a little confusing to me but I tried to do whatever I can with it, starting with the Twitter poll. Last Sunday, I had to ask questions about Agent Robert Reynolds or Moncure. The results are shown here. In total, there were 3 questions asked and 26 votes collected. The general consensus stated that Agent Moncure permanently resides in both/either US and/or Russia, the color of the bag that was handed over to Agent B was black (not red), and the place that Agent Moncure had breakfast yesterday was Italy (not Spain).

According to these results, I can sense that Agent Moncure is actively operating at this very moment. Since he permanently resides in two places (US & Russia), it is hard to tell exactly where Agent Moncure can be spotted. I suspect that Agent Moncure could be a double agent because it looks like he wants to hide something (This is from Item 1).

For this project, I will be working individually and my missions are the following:

  1. To track down the path and place of residence of Agent Moncure (basically, where does he stay when he is not working?).
  2. To find out what exactly was in the black bag that was handed over to Agent B. Was there money inside? If so, is Agent Moncure committing corruption? Was there a bomb inside? If so, where did Agent Moncure obtain such weapon and was there an intention to harm Agent B or someone else?
  3. To find out why he was eating breakfast in Italy. Was there a specific reason why Italy was chosen as the place to dine? What did he eat for breakfast? Is he allergic to anything? (If so, this factor could work to my agent’s advantage in terms of holding him down with his weaknesses)
  4. To find out, basically, who the double agent is and why is he/she working as a double agent. What is the purpose behind his/her acts? Are there more than one party involved? (perhaps there is a higher authority figure controlling the entire process)

My plan of attacks is the following:

  1. Implement an audio recording device that allows conversation between Agent Moncure and his allies to be documented.
  2. Gather plethora of visual evidence that insinuate Agent Moncure’s actions throughout the day. For example, it could be a collection of photos, drawings or maps indicating what Agent Moncure is upto.
  3. Assemble any video clips of Agent Moncure’s whereabouts based on the locations of his visits/travels. For example, since we know the country where Agent Moncure dined, we could ask the airport security to see the recordings of his arrival and potentially track down his movements thereafter.

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