1. abigaild

    Always trust the Shadow


    The Shadow

    The Death triangle


    Dubrille: I will only be safe locked in my room. Corevet is coming to get me and it is safer locked in a room

    Martin: Fine run away but I would be careful that he is not already in your room

    Evan: I suggest …

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    Animals are more important than humans


    The short story called Debris from Shenandoah literacy was a good short read. I found it very interesting and many different things contributed to making it interesting. The story started out as a seemingly nice couple living on a farm. The lady did seam a little weird about needing to …

  3. abigaild

    Creative thinking


    The start to having to do daily creates is exciting but also very stressful. I love waiting to see what the next day could be but at the same time I do not. I want to know which ones I can skip and which ones I want to do. This …

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    Three words


    Here is a haiku about my character using the 3 random Wednesday words.


    Amicable ugh

    Am I Frivolous? No

    I am Unrefined…

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    Bribing the sheriff


    Shocking news in the small town of Ketchum, ID; On 7/6/2014 sheriff Caleb is going on trial for taking multiple bribes and gambling. He is being charged with stealing money that people set as bail and now there seems to be none left. The bar owner is very concerned with …

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    Figure me out


    I named my blog The Music of the Night for many reasons. If you are someone who knows Broadway than you know this is a song in Phantom of the Opera. I have grown up around operas, musicals, and plays my whole life. I liked this name because to me …

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    Merry go round


    This was a random picture of a merry go round that I love along with a haiku that I thought could go with it. I was raining that day and the ride was fenced off like it has been unused for a while.


    unknown mystery

    creepy faces in the …

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    Incompetent protector


    The only sheriff in Ketchum, ID is a man named Caleb. This is not a man who wants to be here. He spends his time working on the family farm, which he plans on selling. Might I also add that having a farm in Katchum is pretty dumb due to …

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    Ending to first week


    This week was very interesting. I have never made any of the social media that we need for this class. Twitter has to be one of the hardest things to use. I don’t get what people are saying or how they find things in it. I know that Twitter will …

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    Little about me


    My name is Abigail Dunn. I go by Abigail but I do not mind being called Abby also. This is my second year at Mary Washington and I thought I was going to major in math but that may change later. I play on the rugby team here and I …

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    I just wanted to make sure this worked before I kept going. I don’t know how to use twitter and I saw that people put the @ in front of their name and I did not do that when I signed up the blog. If someone would like to tell …

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