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  1. DigiStori

    Cogitationes Postremi

    (Final Reflections) DS106 is over! I’m sad to see it go. I really enjoyed this class. Unfortunately I didn’t really learn much more than I already knew, but I did get to have fun with the assignments using things that I did know. I also lea...
  2. DigiStori

    Final Project: Lost In Minecraft: Episode 3

    If you have no idea what this “Lost in Minecraft” stuff is all about, you can read all my posts about it here. And all of Jacob’s (My partner for the final project) posts here. Here is the last episode of Lost in Minecraft. Jacob and ...
  3. DigiStori

    Taking Over the World 101: Has Arrived

    So for the mashup/remix assignment I am continuing the project that I started for the html assignment a couple weeks ago. (That page found here) I didn’t get to do quite as much detail as I would really like, but for being just one assignment I d...
  4. DigiStori

    R2D2: The main character of Star Wars.

    We were assigned to do a video essay. (Details here) I decided to do mine on Star Wars: A New Hope; and I decided to do it as the character ‘Ezekiel Zachariah’ the character I used in the radio show assignment from a few weeks ago. I think ...
  5. DigiStori

    Mashup and Remix: creativity schmeativity.

    We were asked to read two articles: Praxis 2.0: Escaping the edu-travelogue and Dr. Mashup; or, Why Educators Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Remix Unfortunately the first article was just not interesting enough for me to get past the first ...
  6. DigiStori

    WebStories: Take Over The World 101

    For this week’s assignment we had to alter a website (any website) and turn it into a story somehow. I chose the class’ website; the calendar page specifically. I made the page from a Digital Storytelling class calendar to a “Take Ove...
  7. DigiStori

    Final Project: Lost In Minecraft (Delayed)

    If you have no idea what this “Lost in Minecraft” stuff is all about, you can read all my posts about it here. And all of Jacob’s (My partner for the final project) posts here. So Jacob and I were all ready to churn out most if not al...
  8. DigiStori

    Final Project: Lost In Minecraft

    Jacob and I are working together on the final project to produce a 3-4 episode story in Minecraft. Our first episode is due to air next weekend on YouTube. The story is about 2 people stranded in Minecraft and their adventure. We are going to try to do...
  9. DigiStori

    Unique Title about the Radio Show Weekend Here

    So over the weekend our class and Jim Groom’s class had the radio shows we created for this assignment broadcast on DS106 radio. I was busy for most of the weekend and I missed all of Saturday’s shows and I only caught the last 30 seconds o...
  10. DigiStori

    Tutorial: Audio Plugin Installation and Use

    I wanted an audio plugin to put on my blog, just a simple one, that will allow people to listen to audio without having to navigate through two other pages to use WordPress’ built in audio thing. This plugin will allow you to use an audio player ...
  11. DigiStori

    This American Life: First Day

    We were asked to watch four videos of Ira Glass talking about storytelling (first one located here). Then we had to listen to an episode of “This American Life”. I choose First Day. The episode was all about first days that people have had....
  12. DigiStori

    The Big Caption

    I was browsing the assignments over here trying to find one I liked. I had initially thought about doing this assignment, in which you have to come up with fortunes that characters in a movie might have gotten. I didn’t choose that one because I ...
  13. DigiStori

    Radio Reading

    We were asked to read “Radio an Illustrated Guide“. I’m going to start with the bad here: I did not like that it was in ‘graphic novel’ form at all. I’m not a big graphic novel reader but I’m pretty sure the gr...
  14. DigiStori

    Ptaitt: Make some art damnit!

    For one of our assignments this week , we were to choose an assignment from here. I Went with this one. The title pretty much says it all. I like this assignment mostly because it allowed me to do what I like to do. When I’m bored I turn on Photo...
  15. DigiStori

    Five Card Flickr: Journey to The Woods

    My Five Card Flickr Story. I had no real rhyme or reason behind it, just threw the pictures together in some semblance of a story. Today was the day. The day I would venture out into the world. I walked up to the table to grab my keys and noticed that ...
  16. DigiStori

    Final Project: Idea

    Martha told us that we should start thinking about ideas for our final project in her class. During that class I got my idea for the final project. I think I’m going to try to do something with Minecraft. I was hoping to work with Jacob Bowman on...
  17. DigiStori

    50 Tools Story

    So I went to this site called ToonDo to re-write my little ‘dog into the screen door story’ This site just has a bunch of pictures already made and allows you to set up  a comic strip with those pictures. The whole process was really very ...
  18. DigiStori

    The site is built

    Well, I managed to get the site up and running last week around this time. I didn’t run in to any problems setting everything up following Martha’s tutorials. For the blog I found a nice theme using WordPress’ theme finder thing. I al...
  19. DigiStori

    First Post Successful

    Here’s the first post for as well as my first animated GIF. Overall the process for making the GIF was not too bad. I ended up using GIMP with GAP; there were some bugs in trying to get the .mp4 converted into a GIF but I mana...
  20. DigiStori

    First Story

    For my first story I’m just going to re-say the funny thing my new dog did a couple weeks after I got him. Over the summer I got a new dog that was just about 6 or 7 months old (we named him Harley). A dog that young is still figuring everything ...

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