1. @emily_toney

    Week 8!


    I am SO happy all the radio show work was due last week and all we had to do this week was assemble it!  This week has been a week from hell for me. I honestly didn’t even have time to think about my classes. Between work and in and …

  2. @emily_toney

    Radio Show Week 2


    This week has been awful. Between work, school, and life. Honestly I haven’t had that much time to even think about the radio show so I am glad all the elements were due last week! As of now, we as a group have been communicating via email and Michael has …

  3. @emily_toney

    Week 7


    This week had its ups and downs. I really enjoyed starting our radio show! Personally the audio section is my least favorite so far. I hate the way I sound on a recorder so this week has not helped. But, I did learn how to do a lot more with …

  4. @emily_toney

    Radio Show Progress


    Our Radio show is all about being a cowboy and what Cowboys do. So it is appropriately titled “you might be a cowboy if”…..

    We have set up a google doc page where we can all see each other’s work and progress. This week we have all completed our bumpers, …

  5. @emily_toney

    Make ‘Em Laugh



    Here is my joke in Spanish!

    For those who don’t understand the language or my pronunciation :


    – Doctor, doctor, el pelo se me está cayendo. ¿Me puede dar algo para conservarlo?

    “Doctor, doctor, my hair is falling out on me. Can you give me something to keep

  6. @emily_toney

    Sound Effects


    So, I really like horror movies. The sound effects make the scene, plot, and whole movie! I noticed there is not a lot of sound effects you can add without buying to make the clip scary. So I have uploaded my own sound effects for a horror clip! Hope ya’ll …

  7. @emily_toney

    Radio Commercial


    Hey Y’all!

    Here is my commercial for our radio show! It honestly took me forever to figure out what I was going to do my commercial on. But, I used my character we made in the weeks prior so it’s all about “The Barber”, Gus Lee! He is ready for …

  8. @emily_toney

    The Vignelli Canon


    Design is all around us, I knew that before reading this, but this article really opened my mind to more designs! I love how design is everywhere. I also love home remodels….which has a lot of design elements. They way the home is laid out is a design…… the way …

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