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    Week 8!


    I am SO happy all the radio show work was due last week and all we had to do this week was assemble it!  This week has been a week from hell for me. I honestly didn’t even have time to think about my classes. Between work and in and …

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    Radio Show Week 2


    This week has been awful. Between work, school, and life. Honestly I haven’t had that much time to even think about the radio show so I am glad all the elements were due last week! As of now, we as a group have been communicating via email and Michael has …

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    Week 7


    This week had its ups and downs. I really enjoyed starting our radio show! Personally the audio section is my least favorite so far. I hate the way I sound on a recorder so this week has not helped. But, I did learn how to do a lot more with …

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    Radio Show Progress


    Our Radio show is all about being a cowboy and what Cowboys do. So it is appropriately titled “you might be a cowboy if”…..

    We have set up a google doc page where we can all see each other’s work and progress. This week we have all completed our bumpers, …

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    Make ‘Em Laugh



    Here is my joke in Spanish!

    For those who don’t understand the language or my pronunciation :


    – Doctor, doctor, el pelo se me está cayendo. ¿Me puede dar algo para conservarlo?

    “Doctor, doctor, my hair is falling out on me. Can you give me something to keep

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    Sound Effects


    So, I really like horror movies. The sound effects make the scene, plot, and whole movie! I noticed there is not a lot of sound effects you can add without buying to make the clip scary. So I have uploaded my own sound effects for a horror clip! Hope ya’ll …

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    Radio Commercial


    Hey Y’all!

    Here is my commercial for our radio show! It honestly took me forever to figure out what I was going to do my commercial on. But, I used my character we made in the weeks prior so it’s all about “The Barber”, Gus Lee! He is ready for …

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    The Vignelli Canon


    Design is all around us, I knew that before reading this, but this article really opened my mind to more designs! I love how design is everywhere. I also love home remodels….which has a lot of design elements. They way the home is laid out is a design…… the way …

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    Western Design


    When I think of a western cowboys, guns, black and white, horses, and scary music comes to my mind. Typically people have their mind set when they think about westerns, I know I did…..But, after reading Vignellis’ article westerns typically use the colors of red, blue, and yellows. The primary …

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    LV or CC?? Logo combo



    So my favorite purse brand is Louis Vuitton. Their designs are timeless on all of their accessories. Their major competitor is Chanel, of course another very high end brand. For this assignment I have found a representation for what Chanels’ logo would look like it LV was monogrammed in …

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    Customize A Pair of shoes ~


    For this assignment I decided to customize a pair of Nike Free Runs 4.0. I picked this shoe because I LOVE them. I have 3 pairs already, but would love to have these I created. First of all I love gray, it goes with anything and everything. I also love …

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    The purpose of this assignment was to great your own logo, nothing describes me more than “Sparkle”. If I had my own clothing line this is what it would be called. “Never let anyone ever dull your sparkle” is a phrase I live by.


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    Week 4


    Hello and Goodbye week 4!

    This week flew by…but partly because I waited until the last min to do everything! BAD IDEA. I really enjoyed learning about pictures and how to take correct pictures


    I also liked watching one of the assigned movies:

    Movies are better in color

    But …

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    Okay so I really don’t understand the concept of this, but to take photos I guess? So I just did a collage of all the items listed below :

    photoblitzer 23:19 An interesting shadow. Make it green: green sleeves, green with envy, green eggs and ham. Make a landscape photo!…
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    Movies are better in color


    When I watch movies or films I never really paid too much attention to the details on the picture or quality. But, now since this assignment was to do so, I noticed a lot that I did not see before. I choose the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, …

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    I have NO experience with photography, at all. I take pictures of food, scenes, and with my friends. But, I have never actually gotten into the “art” of photography.  There is an “art” or “science” to it, this I do know, but I don’t have enough interest to figure out …

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    Too many faces


    This photo explains it all. I, Emily Toney, am guilty of making too many faces. Some good and others really bad….But! there will never be a dull moment around me, because of my faces…haha (very old photo; I am no longer blonde)…

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    The Crazy Bunch


    So, this was fun to make. Meet mi familia. Friends that became family.

    From the top left and around clockwise

    ~Me (dates Jordan)

    ~Kelly (dates Mike)

    ~Emma (dates Declan)

    ~Rae (dates Nick)






    I picked these people because they are a huge part of my life.…

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    Love at first shot


    This is Jordan and Emily. They met in high school and have been together for 7 years now. Obviously they are in love. Look at the way he looks at her and the way she is smiling. Throughout the past 7 years there have been ups and downs, but they …

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    What’s in Louie?


    Everyone, this is my pride and joy, Louie.

    He is full of a lot of things, but I took a picture of the most important items.

    ~Keys: Need to be able to drive my car

    ~Wallet: Have to have money to shop!

    ~Water: Stay hydrated

    ~Snack (in this case muffins) …

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    Week 3


    Busy, buy, busy.

    In both school and real life. Thankfully no more snow!

    This week was a lot of fun and I am SO thankful I learned how to make my blog site look 100X better! I love all of the organization. My favorite task this week was learning how …

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    Story Shape


    First of all this man is a genius. He knows what readers (viewers) like and that is someone starts off good and then comes into trouble, but by the end they are doing well again. THAT’S IT! No trick playing or confusing plots. Just have a character start off well, …

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    GunSmoke & Ice Man


    I really enjoyed both of these activities to do this week. Both, in their own way:

    GunSmoke~ I liked listening to these a lot, because it reminded me of my grandmothers house. She watched old westerns all the time while I was there and hearing the voices, music, and horses …

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    “The Barber”


    The day was July 10th 1890. Wyoming was admitted as the 44th state to the US, but “The barber” was born that same day. His name was Gus Lee. His father was a cowboy and the mother was a prostitute. After he was born the mother settled down in a …

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