1. @emily_toney

    Dear 30 year old self


    So in 10 years you will be 30. Yes, 30. Scary.

    I hope by now you have your MBA and have started your dream job with the FBI. I also hope you are married and have the dream house to go with your dream car (350z) you just bought. Of …

  2. @emily_toney

    Week 2



    So I am still a little confused about what we are suppose to be doing on the google docs….but hopefully after I write this post I will figure out what the heck I am suppose to do with it.

    Lets start by saying how much I LOVE the daily …

  3. @emily_toney

    Dream Closet


    Um Hello! How cool is this assignment?!?! Who wouldn’t want to show off their dream room…Well for me my dream room would be this closet. 

    First off all lets talk about these stairs! I LOVE THEM. How cool would it be to have a closet underneath your master suite! Only …

  4. @emily_toney

    Animated Pet


    Hello all,So I think I did the Assignment bank wrong, because a blank page pops up when I click on the link. So I have added my animated pet here! I guess you need to click on image to see it move…..

    Maggie is sad about the skins ……
  5. @emily_toney

    Week 1


    Hello all,

    WE MADE IT! So happy that week 1 of this course is over. I have learned A LOT in the past 5 days. From how to set up my own domain, writing blogs, setting up social media accounts I didn’t know existed, and what a western really is.…

  6. @emily_toney

    Western? Like the saddle? Boo.


    Okay, so first of all growing up I rode horses ( and still do when I get a chance) competitively and I was a “hunter” rider. This video below shows what we do.

    So, naturally when I think of “Western” I think of a western saddle and I still cringe …

  7. @emily_toney

    All About Emily


    Hello DS106!

    My name is Emily Toney. I am from Spotsylvania, Virginia and commute to my classes that are on campus. I also work for The American Bully Kennel Club (http://theabkcdogs.org/) ! We are a global company that provides registration and show services for Bully breeds. I am …

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