1. gcaron

    Daily Create 1



    For this daily create on Thursday, I chose these lyrics from this song because throughout most of my life I have always done things for myself and gotten things done for me and only me. I think these lyrics are important to me and could be a theme song …

  2. gcaron

    Color Change Remix


    This remix was slightly strange to me but I thought it could be interesting so I went for it. The remix for this assignment is to give a “yo mama joke” with the picture. I used my original assignment created for the color change assignment where I had to take …

  3. gcaron

    Bucket List Remix



    For this assignment, I chose to remix a previously done assignment and remix my bucket list picture. The remix was to make the picture a pinker. To me, pink makes me think of breast cancer awareness month and the focus behind the cause. So for my remix, I added …

  4. gcaron

    Mash Up 3



    For this assignment, two video game covers needed to be combined into one game. I chose to do Call of Duty and Destiny for the two games. I think this turned out pretty good! It was rather easy to make but I guess that is why it was only …

  5. gcaron

    Mash Up 2



    This assignment was worth four stars in the assignment bank. The assignment was to combine two movie scenes or covers. The change couldn’t be obviously. I chose tow pretty common movies and I think it turned out pretty well. Especially for my first time doing something like this!…

  6. gcaron

    Mash Up 1


    This assignment was worth three and a half stars in the assignment bank. I thought this one was pretty easy and it actually turned out to give me a good laugh. I chose to do the heart eye emoji. I took a picture and then edited it while in snapchat …

  7. gcaron

    Weekly Summary 11


    This week wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I actually enjoyed the few videos I made and I thought they were pretty easy. I actually got my daily creates done on time and got to do three this week. The three I ended up doing …

  8. gcaron

    Daily Creates


    For the daily creates this week, I decided to just put them all on one post to make it easier for the weekly summary. I just added to the top at the week went on. For the first one I did this week, I did a selfie with a filter …

  9. gcaron

    Instant Replay



    This assignment was worth three and a half points in the assignment bank. I thought this assignment would be fun because it is something different to do and something that could be pretty funny. This is a video I took the other day of my cousin that I put …

  10. gcaron

    What do you love?



    Everyday I work at a youth center. I took a video of the youth center for that what I love  because I love my job and all the children I get to work with everyday. It was helpful that I was at work when I needed to take the …

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