1. @grace-ds106-2019

    Weekly Summary


    I started out this week with my three daily creates. The daily creates were a nice, quick, and creative activity that got my mind warmed up for the assignments. I learned how to attach images into my tweets this week. Overall, I enjoyed all three daily creates. See the links …

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    Best Assignment So Far…


    My best assignment so far, I think has been My Dream 80s Bedroom. It was a fun and creative assignment that I was able to relate to our theme of the 80s. While also relating it to the 80s, I related it to a known TV series, Full House. Relating …

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    Welcome to Ireland!


    My dream vacation is Ireland. I picked Ireland because I have always wanted to go there for the views. I would travel with a couple of my close friends from high school, college, and summer jobs.

    I would want to vacation there for a week. Different activities I would do …

  4. @grace-ds106-2019

    Stranger Things – Analysis


    Stranger Things season 1 and 2 depict the 80s very well. They 80s are represented throughout many technical aspects such as costumes, scenery, and properties.

    I thoroughly enjoy this show because of how well the writers kept the plot moving. The shape of this show is constantly moving up and …

  5. @grace-ds106-2019

    How Does This 80s Song Make Me Feel?


    I chose Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics which was initially released in 1983. Throughout the whole song when there were lyrics and instrumental I felt powerful and confident as a human being. Then, when it was just instrumental breaks I felt very dreamy and free. I definitely was able to bop …

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    Nature is a Break from Reality


    Every day I go through my regular routine of work, classes, and rehearsals. However, the days that I stop and go outside for a couple minutes are the best.

    I sit under a tree and observe all the nature around me. The smell of the grass I sit in refreshes …

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    Weekly Summary


    I started out this week with my first daily create. The daily creates were a nice, quick, and creative activity that got my mind warmed up for the assignments. I liked how two of my daily creates were just random topics and the last two were 80s related. Overall I …

  8. @grace-ds106-2019

    My Dream 80s Bedroom


    My dream 80s bedroom includes bright color schemes, wallpaper borders, window seat, window curtains, carpets, my favorite 80s band posters, and of course my nice, comfy bed.

    First, the wall will be a peach color because of how popular that color scheme was in the 80s. It will have a …

  9. @grace-ds106-2019

    Troy Polamalu Poster


    When I first saw this assignment I knew it was meant for me! I am a huge sports fanatic for Pittsburgh. I thought to in corporate one of my favorite players, Troy Polamalu, of the Pittsburgh Steelers who has already retired to commemorate his career.

    I used the program Photo …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was full of excitement. First, I was able to create my first ever Domain through UMW’s Domain. It was difficult navigating it at first because I was not sure where exactly to go to start editing and posting on my blog, but once I found it it was …

  11. @grace-ds106-2019

    What do the 80’s mean to today?


    I’m not completely familiar with the 80s. However, I am excited to learn more about all aspects of the eighties.

    One thing I know about the 80s is that Footloose was released in the 80s, which was a hit. I recently Stage Managed the musical and its still throughly enjoyable …

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