1. Hastride

    GIF Portrait of Angelina Jolie





    Angelina Jolie has always been one of my favorite’s actresses. Back to when I first saw her in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, to when I first saw the movie “Wanted”. I appreciated that she always plays the lead character or “Femme Fatal” in most of …

  2. Hastride

    First DS106 Assignment


    I found a really cool project for my first DS106 assignment.

    You are supposed to pick a random word and create a design that essentially describes the word. For my design, I use the word “DEBATE” and show that there is always two sides in a debate and a neutral …

  3. Hastride

    Should memes be considered an Art Form?


    Memes plague the internet. Memes are used everywhere and by everyone. So yes, I believed that memes are an art form. Memes, just like a normal photography without a “watermark” or text, convey a thousand words. Memes are created to evoke a reaction out of the viewer, whether it be …

  4. Hastride

    My reaction, you say?


    Here is my reactions and thoughts I had about the class, CT 101, during the duration of the first two class meetings. Viewer/Reader discretion is advised.

    View post on imgur.com

    First of all, before the first day of class, I thought the class description on CUNY First sounded pretty fun …

  5. Hastride

    Happiness all around by Hastride


    In the second week of my Digital Storytelling class, I was asked to think and blog about things that makes me happy. Particularly, what exists in the internet that brings me joy. Well, it was hard to think of one specific thing. So I want to list a few. To …

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