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  1. incheckurban

    It’s The Lion’s Roar!!!!

    I chose “Kung Fu Hustle” because this movie is hilarious and a lot of scenes in this movie are great for gifs. If i had the time I would definitely make a lot more gifs from this movie. I edited the gifs on Adobe Photoshop CS6. My favorite type of Digital Storytelling Activity is makings ...
  2. incheckurban

    Queen Akasha

    As I mentioned before I have an obsession with vampires. I took a pciture of “Queen Akasha” from the movie ‘Queen Of The Damned” and made a png file of her sitting on the throne. Here is the original file and the stripped PNG file. I honestly thing I did a terrible job. For some ...
  3. incheckurban

    Grumpy Dancing Feet!

    Me and Jonathan decided to use the infamous “Grumpy Cat” for our assignment. He is all over the social network sites and he has at least 1,000 different memes today with his face. 1st we took an image of the Grumpy Cat from Google. Then we found a video that we wanted to insert him into Green ...
  4. incheckurban

    “I Want To Suck Your Blood” Archetype!

      I have an obsession with vampires.. always loved them so why not create a badass female montage clip. In the first clip I used “Bella” from “Twilight” even though shes a fake vampire it went with the theme. Then I used “Queen Akasha” from “Queen of The Damned”, I aboslutely love her character in the movie. She is ...
  5. incheckurban

    Who Run’s Week 5? GIRLS

    So you wanna become a Superhero? Follow these instructions: 1. Shave off all your hair, head facial hair body hair. (Only because its easy to become someone else) A MASTER OF DISGUISE DUH. 2. Make sure you have a bad ass costume. If your a chick wear something revealing to distract your enemies if your ...
  6. incheckurban

    Please Give Me An A Audit

    Okay I haven’t been paying attention to close details,  me and my professor just discovered this in class today. I need to touch up on my posts and give more brief summaries as to why I choose this type of media. I have to stay updated in my weekly summaries im starting to slack a little bit ...
  7. incheckurban

    Week 4, Power Of Femme fatale

    1. Morning! I’m every woman, it’s all in me Anything you want done, baby I’ll do it naturally I’m every woman, it’s all in me I can read your thoughts right now Every one from A to Z Chaka Khan- I’m Every Woman Night. I am beautiful no matter what they say Words can’t bring ...
  8. incheckurban


    For the Say It Like Peanut Butter Assignment, I decided to use this GIF.  This is a GIf To one of My Favorite, Favoritee, FAVORITEEE Movie Ever, Memoirs Of A Geisha. This is probably one of my favorite scenes. The complexity of her performance is amazing, and she looks beautiful.
  9. incheckurban

    Nostalgia Week 3

    1. Okay so this is my homemade gumball machine!  It took me a week to make in school. I has to be about 10 years old. I used to use it alot but i noticed that everyone would come in my room and eat all my gumballs. And that ticked me off.. It still works. ...
  10. incheckurban

    Week Feb

      1. I chose this photo because this was the most critical, weird  and absurd movie I’ve ever watched.  It was just a bunch of randomness going on. Their is alot of talent in this movie. I did enjoy the ballet scenes but everything else was over the top. From her interpersonal swan to her lesbian lover ...
  11. incheckurban


    Okay, I chose to embed these 3 daily create photos. 1. Broken Crayons- This is a photo that I found unique and funny. It is very different from what most of my other classmates posted.   2. Valentines- This is a cute photo of 2 fingers hugging each other, I chose it because it’s only appropriate. This ...

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