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    In my journey to become a better blogger/social media wizard, I’m taking an online course called DS106.  All DS106 posts will be in this category.
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    Staying Fit: Leading a Multilevel Troop to Earn a Badge

    I am really excited about this meeting plan;  I think the girls are going to have a blast!  The big feature of the meeting is that I have a friend who is a yoga instructor who is going to come lead the girls on an hour long yoga-for-kids class!  So I’m building the meeting around … Continue reading "Staying Fit: Leading a Multilevel Troop to Earn a Badge"
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    More spiders, because who doesn’t love spiders?

    Hey now, stop shrieking.  Put down the blowtorch!  You do not need to take an ax to your computer screen.  It’s *just* spiders. Feel free to take a few minutes to laugh at Superwoman’s skit about being scared of spiders, here. OK, now take some deep breaths people!  How am I supposed to deprogram your … Continue reading "More spiders, because who doesn’t love spiders?"
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    Girl Scouts and Radical Inclusion

    First I need to say that this is not an official Girl Scout blog;  I am just a person with her own opinion and feelings and thoughts about current events.  One of the things I love about Girl Scouts as an organization is that they believe in, encourage, and practice, radical inclusion.   That means … Continue reading "Girl Scouts and Radical Inclusion"
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    Things I learned at Girl Scout Camp

    I haven’t written in several weeks because I’ve been so busy with Girl Scout Camp!  I volunteered to be a unit leader at 2 different camps, and aside from the sheer exhaustion following the experience, I learned some definite lessons. During the overnight, you need more food than you think you need.   I found … Continue reading "Things I learned at Girl Scout Camp"

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