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    This is picture is Photastic!


    #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments2152 #DS106

    Hello! I am back with yet again another #DS106 Secret Agent assignment. This is my third and final assignment bank activity for the week. For this activity we were told to post our favorite picture that we have ever taken. This was a very simply task for …

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    DS106 Weekly Summary


    This week I started my DS106 class, I was excited when I found out that our theme was Secret Agent. This week we were assigned to introduce ourselves after setting up accounts on SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. I assumed this class would be basic technology use that I already …

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    DS106 Theme – Special Agent


    As I posted before I am taking Digital Storytelling 106 this semester and I am very excited. I love using technology, it will be challenging for me as I am not the best at it sometimes. My thoughts on the theme would be that this semester will be pretty cool. …

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    I am excited to be starting Digital Storytelling this semester, the class is about using technology to tell a narrative. I am starting the class this week so in my post I embedded my introductions from the various platforms we use. I will continue to use my blog as a …

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    Hello again!

    Most recently in my Digital Studies class, I had to pick a Methodology Module so I chose to learn about Mapping. In this module, I learned about different types of maps, distortions, what they are used for, etc. I also learned about GIS analysts and what they do. …

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    Code with Me!



    For my Digital Studies class, I was encouraged to choose a creativity module for the class. I chose to study Creative Coding. I was already taking Python so this was not completely new to me. I used Code Academy to learn more about Python, I encourage any newcomers to …

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    Hello world!


    Welcome to my blog,

    I am new at this! If I am being honest everything is new to me this year, I am a transfer student and this is my first semester at Mary Wash. I am just now beginning to feel more comfortable and it is week three. I …

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