1. mwatanab

    Oh! To Be Gray!


    One very important lesson my dad taught me without him having to speak a word was that he was content with his body.  Maybe he’s been blessed by the skin that tans to a rich brown, Asian genes which age well, and slender, working digits that never need an EEE-width.  …

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    Aloha Friday


    In an attempt to blog more I will be writing about all things related to the Aloha State – foods, sights, feelings.  To get us all in the mood, here’s a taste of the islands:

    definitions: affection, peace, compassion, mercy; hello, goodbye; breath of life, essence of life.

    Lei. …

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    Feeling Famous


    I am by no means famous.  Despite my handful of participation in art shows through my school and my online presence, I haven’t really been anywhere or done anything worth noticing.  Yet this week I have made my way onto walls in two states: Arkansas and Virginia.  One office, one …

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    Truly Grateful


    The shrill beeping of the smoke detector waited patiently for me to change its battery.  Even with its new battery it beeped on.  The detector needed to be tested with its new battery before it ceased its sharp yelps.

    But that’s like my life –  I’m exhausted.  Hanging on with …

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    I’ve Been Crabby


    Yesterday was the first time I went to the bay.  Yesterday was also the day that I went crabbing for the first time.  Who would have thought that crabs liked chicken!  We were given a few instructions, a piece of chicken that was stabbed by a metal fitting with a …

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    A series of tweets sent out by yourstruly on her [second] experience at the Big Time Rush Summer Break Tour 2013.  Being a half-twit is difficult…  So is going to concerts where the main audience is the little humans who watch Nickelodeon, and their parents…

    GUTHY)youhypnotize mysoul(ishould rollROLLroll)it'sSOaddictingTOBYTOBY

    — melinda …

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    ds106 – Consider It


    ds106 is the world’s most powerful course – a gale-force of 106-mph so intense it literally knocks socks off your feet.  Here are 106 reasons to tremble in fear and be excited for the ds106 course to reach you.

    It is with you wherever you go (or have internet) The…
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    Hymns – I’m Being Psalty


    What’s wrong with loving hymns? Amazing Grace is a hymn.  How Great Thou Art is a hymn.  Before the Throne is a hymn which is usually titled Before the Throne of God Above.  Are they only acceptable in non-denominational/inter-denominational and contemporary churches because the lead singer is playing on a …

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    Moving Along


    I think I have given up on trying to keep track of all the joys from the Joy Dare.  I’ll try again come January.  It was a marvelous challenge and I still find the time to collect the blessings, but I think it’s time to move along.

    Speaking about moving, …

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    Dear Melinda,


    To my 15 year-old self,

    Stop fearing your body.  The moment you went out in public was the moment that the world bombarded you with what  is considered beautiful.  You are not white, you were blessed with skin that tans well, so protect it.  There will always be someone better, …

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    All we need is a little perspective.

    For me, finding that new perspective comes as I read old posts.

    Praise the Lord for liberating me from those sins, pains, and sufferings.  I still get queasy thinking about everything I allowed myself to get into, everything that I had to endure,…
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    The Long Walk Home


    We’re done supporting you.

    When have I ever felt supported by you in ways that were not financial?
    When have I heard you express something other than the rehearsed handful of lines when it came to me having any good in my life?

    When have there been clear expectations within …

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    Revisiting: Beauty In Five Senses


    When my parents visited last month they brought with me some images and videos that they captured from the event.  If you can remember, I had only published one other post on the handout that was given.  As a forewarning, I didn’t record any of these moments, my mother did.  …

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    Giving Out


    Today I sat curled into the couch as a break from crawling all over the floor cleaning out my art supplies.  I sat for maybe fifteen minutes just reading and staring out of the little slice of window that the cardboard wasn’t covering.  I put out my left leg to …

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    lacking obedience


    i’m going to make this short and informal.

    i am a mess.  directionless.  broken.  and yet i can never be whole – there’d be no room for god.

    i have been cleaning out my earthly possessions.  i am trying to move into a place i can call home.  i am …

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    Playing Catch Up


    I have been so behind.  With school coming to a close, finals, and then graduation my life has been a whirlwind of chaos.  I’m still trying to push through the settling dust, so we shall see.  If you ever need a pick-me-up, count your blessings.  Count the gifts.  Name them, …

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    Being Joyful


    I find it difficult to keep up when I’ve got papers to write and projects to complete, and waiting on the Spirit.

    3 Gifts Opened Up

    302. The Bible.

    303. Truth.  Ouch.

    304. Eyes bleak and ready.

    3 Gifts Budding/Blooming

    305. Living situations.

    306. The world.  As much as it …

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    Sometimes, we get blindsided by the reality of expectations.  Sometimes open communications just mean relaying information and not making it your own.  It is in these moments that I realize that that I have a misguided sense of what truly is.  What does it mean to be a part of …

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    The Big Three


    A Gift In Hiding, Held, Heard

    299. Sam.  I kid you not, he snuck into The Center and remained unseen for 15 minutes and then scared the heck out of me when I walked by.

    300. Kitty food.  I never really understand what cats do or what they’re about, but …

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    3 Gifts Wanted For

    293. Apartment living situation.  Gack!

    294. A job.  I have yet to receive.

    295. Solid teaching.  Sweet!

    3 Gifts Rising Up

    296. Ugh, the temperatures.  I miss the cold.

    297. Pollen count in the air.  I don’t like allergies.

    298. My complaints.  Ha.…

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    April Funk


    For some reason I keep forgetting that I have this blog thing to tend to.  It’s been a weird time in my life where I don’t feel like sitting down at a computer and typing out my heart, my thoughts, or even typing to type.  I’m in a funk.  Surprise, …

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    3 Gifts Round

    272. The roundest gift I found today was honestly the sink.  You know when you get tired and need to maneuver around something?  It’s best when the sinks are rounded and not sharp.  Hurts less.

    273. Pillows.  They’re delightful.

    274. New tires.  (They were for Paige.)

    3 …

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    It has been a while, but I have been keeping up in some capacity.  After having my parents in town and the chaos that followed I am spending the weekend with a friend and trying to recover.  We need rest.  Our bodies were designed to rest.

    3 Gifts Found In …

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    i am the lord your god
    i co before you now
    i satnd besideee you
    i’m all arounnnnd youuu
    and though you feel i’m faar away
    i’m closer thatn your breath
    i am wiiiiiith you
    more than you knooooooowwwwwwwwow


    i am the loord your peace
    no eveil will …

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    Birthday, Part Two


    There was a hunch that I always shoved to the back of my brain because I knew the reality.  My parents weren’t financially able (or had enough time to devote) to come up for my Senior Show at school, but I thought it would be a nice gesture.  I had …

  26. mwatanab

    Intercessory Prayer


    From the sign outside the door to the prayer room:

    Intercessory Prayer

    Please feel free to write down requests you would like to have prayed for you on the cards provided at the table.  When you are finished you may fold them and place them in the bowl.  If you

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    Beauty In Five Senses


    thank you flowers from c&g

    Here is what was written on the handout that you received when entering the building.  (A follow up post is in the works.)


    The Lord your God is in your midst; a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness;

  28. mwatanab

    More Joy


    3 Gifts Eaten

    233. Pita chips.

    234. Spinach salads.

    235. …with balsamic vinaigrette.

    3 Gifts That Made You Laugh

    236. My parents meeting Katie’s parents.

    237. Rachel, Brooke, Jessie.  Carey & Gannon.  Lexi, Jennifer, Lindsay.  Nina & Paige.  Stephen, Lacy, Faith, Spencer.  Sam & Christine.  Mom, dad, Elly, Aunty Tammy.  …

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