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    This is Rex,

    Patrick interviewed me and he had some interesting questions that he got from his professor’s. I answered all of them to the best of my ability. It is strange to think I did not exist until the start of Ds106 back in January. This is my video, …

  2. pboyle

    In the Dark


    This show was absolutely my favorite thing we have done in this class, I had so much fun with Kassia, Sharla, and Amanda. The three of us can create magic. We were having a good time throughout the process. The only thing that sucks was scheduling because all of us …

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    End of week 10


    Wow, all I can say is that this week has been the hardest, all of it came done to weather I texted google, how messed up is that. I did not text google so anything past 15 minutes would not be allowed to go up to youtube, that caused a …

  4. pboyle

    The End of Week 9


    So we started our group project for the video show, we came up with the script, and shoot a few things. This was a little more detailed than our radio show but since we had that experience it helped us make things go faster. We started out by finding who …

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    Reading Movies


    I read Rodger Ebert’s “How to read a Movie” and it was interesting how he would stop the scene and look at where the characters were as far as their possession relative to where another person was in that scene. The way that a film critic looks at a movie …

  6. pboyle

    Finial Radio


    WOW! there are so many things I loved about this radio show. First the people that I worked with were amazing. The radio show itself was challenging but something happened and I cannot really explain it, that changed me. The Audio assignments the week before helped out, but nothing could …

  7. pboyle

    Radio Listen


    On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of listening to “Get a Clue” and it had a lot of great lines in it which meant the writing for the show was amazing. The idea to have 5 different stories about the same event was great. Each view point was different …

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