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  1. riverakat

    Say It Ain’t SoOoOOOoo?

    I cannot believe how fast the semester is finishing up: Over the semester, I learned how to make gifs using Photoshop and where I made a few gifs. I learned how to make memes using photoshop and learned that Helvetica is a great font. In class, we learned how to make multi-faced portraits. This … Continue reading "Say It Ain’t SoOoOOOoo🎤"
  2. riverakat

    How to add ‘Instagram Feed’ plugin to your Word Press website

    You can add your Instagram feed easily, through installing ‘Instagram Feed’ to your Word Press website. This Youtube video shows how you can install this plugin.  There are few steps to installing this customizable plugin to display your Instagram profile on your website. Hover over Plugins in the toolbar > then click ‘Add New’ Search for … Continue reading "How to add ‘Instagram Feed’ plugin to your Word Press website"
  3. riverakat

    Peru & Venice Vintage Posters!~!

    This past week we put our CT 101 spin on travel posters. These two posters I saw these to on this Tumblr website. We used Photoshop and the rectangular marquee tool and the fill option to match the background colors needed. The poster above shows a part of Machu Picchu in Perú. Below I wrote … Continue reading "Peru & Venice Vintage Posters!~!"
  4. riverakat

    Portrait of Alfonsina Storni

    We got to use Photoshop again this week! I chose the multiple face portrait from the ds106 website. I chose Alfonsina Storni the late Argentine poet as the subject for the averaged portrait. I learned about her writing at York in my Spanish 106 class. She published her most acclaimed work El dulce daño in … Continue reading "Portrait of Alfonsina Storni"
  5. riverakat

    Relatable Content Makes Me Happy

    Reading or watching relatable content is a huge part of the content I ingest daily. Broad City my favorite show is on its fifth and final season and their first episode back showed their personas seamlessly. Their episodes always exaggerate perfectly. One of my favorite comedians John Mulaney used to write for Saturday Night Live. … Continue reading "Relatable Content Makes Me Happy"

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