1. Samantha Booth

    Flickr tools


    I am just using the quick flickr widget which I like because it displays little thumbnails of my pictures on the side. It’s nice and neat looking and I think it adds to my blog site so it’s nice for people to see some pictures rather than just a bunch …

  2. Samantha Booth

    dailyshoot trouble


    I tweeted my pic like six hours ago and it didn’t go to the dailyshoot site. My boyfriend is in the online section as well and said he had this same problem yesterday. I’ve retweeted it four or five times with the link and hashtags in different orders hoping it …

  3. Samantha Booth

    Just a quick question


    Can anyone tell me how to get an avatar to show up when I’m commenting on my site and others’ sites. I set up the avatar on the ds106 site but can’t seem to find a place to upload one on my dashboard. Am I just missing it? Or is …

  4. Samantha Booth

    Web 2.0 articles


    I guess I would define myself as not very computer or internet smart. I look at a couple specific sites a day and I understand how to use the tools on those websites, but that is about as far as it goes. I just simply use what I need to …

  5. Samantha Booth

    Personal Cyberinfrastructure


    I totally agree with the message that is being portrayed through the article and video. I think it would be very beneficial to rework high school, maybe even middle and elementary school curriculum to incorporate this idea. If this were done, students could get to college and already have the …

  6. Samantha Booth

    Experimenting with my blog


    I feel pretty accomplished for today. Most of what I’ve done isn’t something that all of you can see (adding new widgets, plug-ins, etc.) on the blog. Today was more of an accomplishment because I have learned more about how to work my dashboard.

    I set up my twitter account…
  7. Samantha Booth

    Something I almost forgot…


    Last week when the class met in person we were asked to post about our experiences in another online class at UMW, if we had one. I almost forgot to post about it. Last spring I had an online economics class from UMW. Well, it was kind of a hybrid …

  8. Samantha Booth

    Assignment 1: Intro story


    I lost my poor meatball. You shall see that I find this title very fitting.

    For Christmas, my parents got me this really soft, really nice new jacket that I really wanted. It is furry and white. My boyfriend told me as soon as I got the jacket that I …

  9. Samantha Booth

    My experience


    I’ve got to say that my experience with setting up a webhost and domain has been very…. frustrating. The actual process of filling out all the information was not hard and pointing to two wasn’t bad either. But there is the part where you could possibly have to wait 24-48 …

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