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  1. Shane Vetti

    Summer? Too soon.

    With the close of the mashup portion of the class, I would just like to say that this was a really awesome prompt. Although my mashup kind of sucks, in my estimation, this assignment really pushed me to become familiar with audio editing and sequencing software Fruity Loops Studio 7. After the videos, I was ...
  2. Shane Vetti

    Gory Late Night Flick: MACHETE

    So, since I figured all the Coen Brothers movies have probably been dissected to death, I decided to do a film that appeals to my more base inclinations. I had a couple misgivings; much of MACHETE is probably a lot like what Kubrick had in mind when he conceived ultraviolence, but I think (hope) it’s ...
  3. Shane Vetti

    Return of the Dead

    I love being such a deadbeat blogger, but everybody’s gotta be forthcoming some time. I’d like to say I’ve learned a lot since my last post, but that’d be pretty optimistic. I do however, have quite a few more ideas than last time. First off, I’d like to give a belated shout-out to my former ...
  4. Shane Vetti

    5 card flickr redo

    A more story-like story. Five Card Story: The Wanker a Five Card Flickr story created by Shane flickr photo by bionicteaching flickr photo by krutscjo flickr photo by krutscjo flickr photo by hummingcrow flickr photo by bionicteaching There, on a craftsman’s table in Colonial Williamsburg, was the finest dirk I had ever laid eyes upon. ...
  5. Shane Vetti

    details, details, details

    Five Card Story: Secrets a Five Card Flickr story created by Shane flickr photo by Serenae flickr photo by bionicteaching flickr photo by Serenae flickr photo by Serenae flickr photo by Serenae some of the greatest secrets are readily apparent to one with a keen eye for detail. Examine things on a more personal level ...
  6. Shane Vetti

    Web 2.?

    The “future” has been with us for a long time, and I’m merely at the beginning; overwhelming, no? To me, the concept of Web 2.0 represents an exponentially-increasingly user-friendly interactive aspect of communicative media. A note from Gardner Campbell’s discussion with DS106 that struck a chord with me were his explanations for the slow progress ...
  7. Shane Vetti

    personal reflections on technology/education integration

    A liberating concept- destroying the preconceived technological boundaries between and among the instructors and the instructed. Gardner Campbell speaks in terms of cooperative-educational ideals, but idealism is often necessary to evoke change. If an increased focus on technology is “baked into” the curricula of higher education, and indeed even primary and secondary education, there is ...

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