1. Walter

    DS106 Reflection


    Storytelling can be transmitted through a plethora of mediums, and I feel that this class introduced me to a lot of new ways I can get my message across to others. Storytelling enables others to empathize with whatever it is you are exposing. It induces inspiration, interactions, and relationships in …

  2. Walter

    Final Project: “Introspection”


    Here is my finished final project for DS106. It revolves around the idea of peace beginning with oneself, calling for us to dismantle ourselves from the inanimate, and reconnect with earth and it’s organic creations. I slightly deviated away from my original idea, as the musical transitions I had intended …

  3. Walter

    Final Project Update


    I’m making some progress. I’ve recorded some footage of scenery and natural environments. I haven’t been able to really film any parts involving any human interaction though. I hope to get to that by the end of this week. I’m also deliberating over whether I should have the film in …

  4. Walter

    DS106 Final Project Idea


    The idea I came up with for my final project revolves around the theme of “systematic chaos” and “organic tranquility”. I want to pair heavy instrumental music with the intensity of someone’s commute through a public and crowded area until they arrive at a very natural and serene location, where …

  5. Walter

    Everything is a Remix


    Remixes are the expansion of ideas. This expansion of ideas is what creativity thrives on. Without this, cultural and social development and improvement would seize. This evolution of methods and ideas is natural, and most of the time inevitable. Whether in music, movies, literature, or technology, the impulse that inspired …

  6. Walter

    The Beauty of a Second


    Here is my entry for “The Beauty of One Second” assignment. I had it revolve around a clip of someone opening a box with a ring in it. I wanted the clip to leave a sense of ambiguity to the viewer. I used iMovie to edit the clip. Enjoy!

  7. Walter

    Serenity Now


    This is my entry for the Serenity Now assignment. I used iMovie to create it. I used a Nikon D3100 with a 50mm lens at f1.8 to capture the scenes. The music is Telefon Tel Aviv, an electronic band. I felt the atmospheric sound of the music complimented the mood …

  8. Walter

    Recording a Memory


    This is my entry for the “Recording a Memory” assignment. It consists of my girlfriend talking about her experience calling out of work; or texting as described in the video, and her memories of the whole ordeal. I needed to do something quick, so this video had to do for …

  9. Walter

    Return to Silent Era


    Here is my entry for the “Return to Silent Era” assignment. I decided to use “The Transporter 3″ trailer for it’s eventful action sequences. I used iMovie to edit the clips and create an aged look to the movie. I took all of the audio out of the trailer and …

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