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  1. XAscencio

    I graduated ! … from

    Check me out now!  My own personal website is up! I haven’t put any content up yet, but I’m looking forward to learning how to customize, personalize, personify and all those good adjectives. The process was quite smooth ...
  2. XAscencio

    Aggressive Progressive

    If I could have pressed a “Destruct Now” button I would have pressed it on Thursday’s class. I want to get this Photoshop thing going, but I feel like it’s not agreeing with me. I believe the software is amazing and has endless potential. I can’t even imagine some of the possibilities with this software. … Continue reading "Aggressive Progressive"
  3. XAscencio

    Stay still… BUT MOVE !

    How coooooool.  Once again.  I can take my favorite still media and animate it to make it move smooth. This BMW M3 is one of my favorite cars.  One day I’ll get one, but for now I will have fun editing with the free pictures online. I love how the effects made the image come … Continue reading "Stay still… BUT MOVE !"

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