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  1. @myclassaccount

    Thirteenth Weekly Summary

    I have been having such a terrific time going over how to approach this final project. As we got closer I made the decision to focus on engagement. Ultimately, I have decided that the final project will center around engagement with audiences in the film community all of the ways in which you can connect. What is the the relationship like when it comes to the use of social media platforms and websites? That is the story that I am … Continue reading "Thirteenth Weekly Summary"
  2. @myclassaccount

    Twelfth Weekly Summary

    We begin with the Daily Creates! Next up: Mashups and remixes! It was a terrific time making these! We are also continuing to think about our final projects. Lots of thought has been going into this. The story of engagement that I want to share with everyone is something I’m really trying to quite creative with. Have a nice weekend!
  3. @myclassaccount

    Eleventh Weekly Summary

    Daily Creates! Three of them this week! The big one for the week was the completion of my short film, Fall into Fall! Last week I released the trailer for it and this week its here! Check it out here! Here’s my full post on it! Have a terrific weekend, everyone!
  4. @myclassaccount

    Ninth Weekly Summary

    All three of the Daily Creates for this week followed the same theme! You may be be wondering how the Chalamet one fits. Well I read the cover story while enjoying my coffee in the morning. All of this week’s creations were coffee related! Next we had our radio show listening party! We all got together and listened to our shows. Check out my thoughts here! This week we started to really think up where we wanted to take our … Continue reading "Ninth Weekly Summary"
  5. @myclassaccount

    Eighth Weekly Summary

    Below are the two daily creates from this week! That button turned out the lights in the whole building! There’s a rooster on the football field! The rest of the work this week was devoted to our team completing out radio show project. We worked together very well over the course of the past two week and it came out exactly how we hope. Our project was a new version of the Roy Rogers Show – The Missing Painter! You … Continue reading "Eighth Weekly Summary"
  6. @myclassaccount

    Seventh Weekly Summary

    Daily Creates! As always! Next up: Check out my two audio assignments that I worked on that went towards our Radio Show Project that we are working on both this week and next! Here is the promo I made for it! Finally, here is an update on all of the progress that we have made on our project and what is ahead for us. I’m very happy with all that we have done so far on this project and am … Continue reading "Seventh Weekly Summary"
  7. @myclassaccount

    Sixth Weekly Summary

    Daily Creates for the week! I like to work on Daily Creates so much. They are always fun creative challenges. As I said before, it just feels like a nice class activity to take part in on Twitter every week. This week we did some readings on what design is. DESIGN IS EVERYTHING! Next, we did a Design Blitz! This is our second time doing one of these types of assignments. I had a terrific time taking photos and looking … Continue reading "Sixth Weekly Summary"
  8. @myclassaccount

    Fifth Weekly Summary

    As always, let’s start with the Daily Creates! I think this was my favorite week of Daily Creates yet! I really loved it! Next up we get into the main assignments for the week. This week we had more to do than any other week before. Personally this week it took the most amount of time to do everything just because of the process that comes with audio storytelling. There are a lot of steps that went into these assignments … Continue reading "Fifth Weekly Summary"
  9. @myclassaccount

    Fourth Weekly Summary

    Hi, everyone! I hope have had a terrific week! Let’s start off with the Daily Creates! I had a good time creating these this week and I enjoyed seeing everyone else’s tweets as well. Some really creative ideas! Next you can find my assignments for the week right here. We had some new types of assignments this week to go along with picking out posts that are worth a certain amount of stars. I think we are really in the … Continue reading "Fourth Weekly Summary"
  10. @myclassaccount

    Third Weekly Summary

    First, here are the three Daily Creates for this week! I had a terrific time with these. They allow us to quickly come up with interesting and creative ideas! Here you can find the four writing assignments I completed this week to equal 12 stars! I was able to expand on our character creation for class, talk about a historic manor, take a bit of a look into the future, and speak about the respect a fear has for me … Continue reading "Third Weekly Summary"
  11. @myclassaccount

    Second Weekly Summary

    Above you will find my five Daily Creates for the week. I was really interested taking on these creative assignments and loved seeing everyone else’s posts on Twitter. They are really great ways of running a quick and creative practice for the day, allowing for us to think outside of the box and expand what we are coming up with digitally. Next up, You can check out the three assignment posts I did for the week. I chose a visual … Continue reading "Second Weekly Summary"
  12. @myclassaccount

    Weekly Summary

    First we did our welcomes and we really going things going for Digital Storytelling! Once again, looking forward to getting started! Second we watched Bob Ross videos and were able to ease into the course by describing what we watched and relating it back to our class intro video from the professor. Next we go to talk about goals for the course. Ultimately I am excited to really create a community amongst our selves in this course. I know a … Continue reading "Weekly Summary"

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