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  1. @ds106_aaliyah

    Midweek III

      This week was all about Audio. So far I have learned the basics and learned how we are able to manipulate sound and the human voice. The first assignment that I completed was a reflection of Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad speech or a quick lesson on the […]
  2. @ds106_aaliyah

    Moon Graffiti

        The Moon Graffiti assignment consisted of a story, “In Event of Moon Disaster“, told on a podcast. This story was written by Jonathan Mitchell and edited by Hillary Frank. It was based on Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldwin’s visit to the moon on July […]
  3. @ds106_aaliyah

    The Pictureless Gap

        This week’s lesson revolves around audio and its resources. Watching two YouTube videos from Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad gave me insight on his view of Audio. The first video deals with the concept of co-imagining. Abumrad starts off by stating that the coolest thing about radio is what it lacks which […]
  4. @DanielZeineddi3

    Welcome to the Jungle ( Oh Jeez redux)

    Reflection For this week, I have started the process of understanding what exactly is needed to be successful in ds106, after trying to understand the process and finding what i needed, the process is, so far, enjoyable. So for this week, i have created the proper accounts (Twitter, Instagram, slack, YouTube, sound cloud, as well …

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