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  1. ryanseslow

    Panoramic Storytelling with Multiplicity

    (click the images above to enlarge) Last semester in our Digital Storytelling class we played with the idea of non traditional image-making and multiplying ourselves into a single image frame. (No photoshop required, but it helps later on) By using the panoramic feature of our smart phones we created two examples above to show the … Continue reading "Panoramic Storytelling with Multiplicity"
  2. ryanseslow

    The Gratification of Digital Storytelling Immediacy

    The Gratification of Digital Storytelling Immediacy On a fine wintery morning in early March of 2018 I took expressive action! I had to. (I promise I took this photo from a red light) As a digital storyteller, this is my duty right?! Here is the published outcome taken from Instagram below , and this was … Continue reading "The Gratification of Digital Storytelling Immediacy"

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