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  1. natalie

    Nights out, Charity & boat trips

    ?listen to the audio on ? A week later, Pippa was sitting on her study project a case study for a new female tech gadget while clicking some likes from Tess party pictures and a sunny day on her cruise. The pictures looked amazing and she could almost get jealous, but Tess really deserved this… Continue reading Nights out, Charity & boat trips
  2. natalie

    Late – Chapter III

    from the book The Weekend: Love, Ambition & the Lisbon Dream In this chapter, Paige settles into her new apartment in Oeiras, enjoying the convenience of the internet and TV while watching a Netflix show. However, her peaceful evening is interrupted when a guy and a frustrated girl, Melia, enter the apartment. Paige learns that… Continue reading Late – Chapter III
  3. natalie

    On the Star Clipper – part II

    Chapter III from the book DESTINATION DESIRABLE Jules was busy conversing with Nia, and Walt asked Lulu if she would like to join Paula and him for a drink at the Piano bar. A chilled version of the song “Killing me softly” was playing. Danny was already sitting at a table, so the three sat next… Continue reading On the Star Clipper – part II
  4. natalie

    Leaving London

    Chapter I from the book DESTINATION DESIRABLE Paula was looking at the picture displaying her and her boyfriend Walt. The afternoon at a friend’s home in Beirut in 2015 when a friend took a photograph, the weekend they had met for the first time. Paula was working as Social Worker in the Lebanon, and Walt… Continue reading Leaving London

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