1. Maura Monahan

    Power Ten

    I miss rowing.  I miss everything about it. Camaraderie.  Rowing is the ultimate team sport.  You move together.  Every thing you do affects each individual in your boat.  You win together.  You lose together.  You work together.  If you don’t, … Continue reading
  2. Michael Walter


    Lettuce is beyond a doubt one of the most useless foods out there. It brings absolutely nothing to the table besides wasting room in the mouth. I always prefer lettuce and I think it’s just out of habit. 
  3. Michael Walter

    Ah smartphones

    Call me an idiot. Call me a late mover but I am god damn in love with smartphones. The Samsung galaxy 3 is without a doubt the coolest phone for anyone who doesn’t strongly care about status. The Google version … Continue reading

UMW Spring 2024 (Bond & Groom)

Welcome to Paul Bond and Jim Groom’s Spring 2024 ds106

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