1. Thomas Ella

    Final Project: DS106 Theatre

    Here we go, folks. All right, so I haven’t been able to post any updates about this project because, well, there haven’t been any. I’ve been too busy with other stuff and this is the first chance I’ve gotten to actually just sit down for any significant amount of time and do stuff for this ...
  2. Thomas Ella

    Assignments I Created

    Okay. It’s like 2am and I’m scrambling here, but that’s what finals week is all about, right? Right. I made the “Play It Backward, Jack” video assignment where you have to reverse a video. I made the “Play It Backward, Jackward” remix assignment (I think it’s called that. Might just be “Play It Backward, Jack ...
  3. melodie

    Final Projecto: The Ocean

    Well, here it is. My still frame music video that goes with this song I made. It’s not so still though.  I added video because, well, i didn’t have enough pictures. Still frame videography is hard!! Mainly because you have to put so many pictures in the right order and make sure you capture the ...
  4. Feng

    Last post! bye bye, ds106 :(

    I am really sad. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was polishing my photoshop skills? Where did time go? I’ve mentally check-marked everything off on wrapping up ds106. I have written/typed three blog posts; this one, one for final project, a...
  5. Feng

    Final reflection video

    This is so weird. The audio was lagging just a minute ago before I uploaded the video and now it works! What luck. Anyway, I hope you can hear me well. I usually have a very soft voice and I tried to speak up but I didn’t want to scare you! Haha,...
  6. Feng

    Fourth video tutorial: Voice morphing

    In this last tutorial, I elaborated on how to change your voice in audacity so that it is no longer discernible. In my audio assignment, I managed to change the pitch of my voice so that I sound like a chipmunk! Enjoy Unable to display content. Adobe F...

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