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Something I almost forgot…

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Last week when the class met in person we were asked to post about our experiences in another online class at UMW, if we had one. I almost forgot to post about it. :( Last spring I had an online economics class from UMW. Well, it was kind of a hybrid class. We had certain assignments due each week on aplia and we also had a designated online meeting time to do live “labs” through aplia. In addition, we took our midterm and final exam in the classroom with the professor and there was an optional review class session the week before the final exam, which I attended. I would have to say that, as a commuter student, finding an online class was very convenient. I think that the online format works well, although I know some people still prefer to meet face-to-face. I think it all depends on the subject. Right now I’m taking a chemistry class that I think I would absolutely fail if it were online. But as far as the economics class and this class, online will be fine for me. I do hope to see more online classes at UMW in the future. It relieves a lot of stress knowing that I don’t have to go to class at a certain time and that I can work on things when it is convenient for me. The best piece of advice I can give for an online UMW class is to not put off the work too long. Try to work on it a little bit every two days or so, if not everyday. Otherwise you will find yourself very overwhelmed.

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