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Wedding Wordle

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Since my engagement, I have promised myself that I would not get overwhelmed by planning my upcoming wedding.  I laughed at the idea of the average wedding cost over $20,000, and I promised not to get wrapped up in the details of wedding favors and color schemes.  I thought that a wedding would somehow just plan itself and that the real beauty of the ceremony would be in the fact that we love each other and are committed.  While this is all nice, the reality is that my head has turned into that word cloud.

I am constantly obsessing over the fact that the wedding magazines say to plan a venue 18 months in advance, yet I am down to 9 months and still have no idea where the reception will be.  And, on top of that my fiances family is traveling all the way here from South America for the wedding, but I still haven’t even given them a date.  And, I am planning this wedding from Virginia when the wedding will actually be in New Jersey (think about having to pick a venue, without even actually seeing it).

Despite all my woes and lack of time, I am trying to relax about the entire thing.  So, instead of searching the Etsy website for the perfect cake topper and trimming down the guest list, I decided to create this wordle.

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