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Quite Pleased with Myself

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A friend posted onto my facebook call that she would like to hang out soon. I replied with the following statement.

IIINNNNNGGGGGGAAAAAAA…….I am currently cutting my way out of this horrid dark jungle that the natives call “School Work”. I’d heard rumors about the local vegetation’s tenacity for quick regeneration, but this is ridiculous…as soon as I chop down one assignment another pops up to take its place. After the jungle, I am told that I must cross the combination of barren wasteland and marshy bog known as “Rugby Practice”. Terrible beasts are rumored to live there that attempt to ensnare and break those brave enough to pass through. Should I encounter an oasis on which I might rest briefly my quest for the legendary A+ grade I shall immediately call for your company. Please do not be alarmed at my lack of ability to communicate. I shall do my absolute best to see you as soon as possible. Should I fail in this quest think fondly of me.

P.S. I will leave you pictures of hot soccer players in my will.

Fondly and eternally yours,

I am certainly not an english major…check the grammar…it’s atrocious. However, there are brief moments when words happen to flow and align themselves on paper (or wall posts in this instance) just so. This is one of those moments.  I acknowledge that it will probably not happen again until I have forgotten the magic of this night.  I look forward to being surprised again.

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