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Twitter and/or Facebook taking over your life? Get some self-control!

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Straight Jacket Guy

Photo taken by Darin Barry

I know I need a straight jacket… I’m also pretty sure Jim Groom needs one too. Actually, maybe he already has one to keep himself from tweeting while he sleeps. ORRRRR, maybe he has self-control of the Steve Lambert variety?

What is self-control?

Self-control – noun-¬†’control¬†or¬†restraint¬†of¬†oneself¬†or¬†one’s¬†actions,¬†feelings,¬†etc.’


Self-control Рnoun-  an application that blocks you from using certain websites! Yes, you can mentally block yourself too, but really, who has the power to do THAT anymore?

I would like to thank my friend Megan Hauptman for helping me discover this. Now, I am off to self-control myself from updating this blog and tweeting. Yeah, I verbed it.

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