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Five card flickr story: Hump Day

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2010/365/326 Retired Shoes

I groggily woke up to the sound of my alarm, time for work already I thought. Reluctantly I hit the snooze button trying to gain a few more minutes of peace. Next thing I know my dog is eagerly greeting me with kisses. I continued on with my normal morning routine, after all it was hump day. On the drive to the Amtrak station I stopped by the downtown bakery for my regular coffee and to my surprise they had some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I was trying to stick to my diet but the temptation was too strong. They were still warm when I took the first bite.

With a full tummy I took a seat in the back of the car. It was going to be a beautiful day. Unfortunately I had a mountain of paper work on top of my desk awaiting my arrival. Once in my office I decided to let in some fresh air and enjoy the view from my window. I pulled the blinds open and bam, right there in front of me was a bunch of palm leaves. Apparently my boss thought the building needed more shrubbery to make it more appealing. How rude. For the rest of the day I remained rather disgruntled and could not wait for 5pm to arrive.

As I rolled up the driveway it was strangely quite. Normally peanut would be barking by now. Once in the door I continued my search. As I entered the bathroom there she was drinking from a puddle on the floor. I must have not turned the water off all of the way. Angrily I mopped up the mess.
Eagerly hoping to relieve some stress, I grabbed my sneakers off the deck, called Peanut, and ran down the beach to our favorite bar. I enjoyed an ice cold beer, and Peanut savored a hamburger as we watched the sun set is the distance.

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